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Whole School

KS1 Nativity 

All of the members of Cedar, Holly, Chestnut and Hazel classes worked very hard on their Nativity performances, and put on a wonderful show to their families!

Year 4 Fir Class singing at the Nugent Shopping Centre 

On the 17th of December the members of Year 4 Fir class entertained the shoppers at the Nugent Shopping Centre by singing Christmas carols.

Choir and Year 4 Fir Class singing at the Adult Education Centre 

On the 13th of December the Choir and the children in Year 4 Fir class sang Christmas carols to entertain the clients at the Adult Education Centre next to the school.

Choir and Year 6 singing at The Glades 

On the 5th of December the members of the Choir and some of the Year 6 children sang Christmas carols at The Glades.

Cinderella Ball 

Reception had a Cinderella Ball.

Lego Day 

Years 5 and 6 took part in a fanastic Lego morning learning about planning, marketing and building.

Maths Week 

The whole school enjoyed a Maths Week at Poverest Primary School in the Autumn term. The children played lots of games to boost their mental arithmetic.


See the pictures of examples of learning together across the school.