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Weekly News

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

This week we have been continuing rehearsals of our Nativity play as well as getting props sorted and songs practised! In English we have started to read a new story called The Minpins, written by Roald Dahl, and the children seem really intrigued about what is going to happen next. We created danger posters, warning children of the monsters that could live in the forest and used super descriptive phrases to make sure everyone knew what to look out for. We have been trying to write more detailed sentences and have been using different conjunctions to join sentences together e.g. that, when, if, so. In Maths, we have been working on looking at patterns in numbers to help us work out addition and subtraction number sentences. We have been using our number bonds to 10 (8 + 2, 3 + 7, etc) to help us to work out 28 + 2 = and 40 - 7. In Geography we have looked at where the Great Fire of London spread and at how the landscape has changed over time. We drew our own maps of London and added the London landmarks you might see there if you go now. We may see some of these from the train on our trip next Friday! In Science, we continued our investigation about Materials, trying to work out which material would be the best to make school shoes. We wanted to see if there was a material that would stand the test of lots of jumping in puddles and had great fun testing if materials were waterproof or not. (The not part, being the most fun!)

Week beginning 15th November 2021

What a busy week we’ve had! We enjoyed our trip to the cinema on Thursday so much, and we’ve been working hard on our Nativity performance this week as well! In English we learned a song called London’s Burning, and then we wrote our own songs using the rhythm and tune of London’s Burning. The children all wrote some fantastic songs based on the Great Fire of London, as well as topics that they chose themselves. In Maths we learned how to add 3 numbers together by trying to spot number bonds to 10 and 20 and adding those first, and then adding the third number. Using number bonds and patterns really help us with our arithmetic! This week was Anti-Bullying Week and we learned a lot about being a good friend, and what to do if we see someone else being bullied or we feel we’re being bullied ourselves. The children wore odd socks on Monday, and we did a Now Press Play experience where the children listened to and acted out a story about someone who was being an unkind friend. We also created posters telling people more about being a good friend and sharing with our friends. In Science this week we performed a fair test to discover the best material to use to make school shoes. The children had to bounce a variety of different balls and then measure how high they bounced to find out which material was the bounciest. It was great fun and we learned a lot about the properties of the different materials.

Week beginning 8th November 2021

This week in English we’ve focused our learning on a non-fiction book called The Great Fire of London, which we started to read last week. We used the information we learned from the book to write diary entries from the point of view of a cat who witnessed the Great Fire, and we also did a Spelling investigation where we added a range of suffixes (-ly, -y, -er and -est) to the ends of words and checked whether they made sense or not. In Maths we learned about Capacity and had lots of fun measuring in cupfuls, millilitres and litres using a wide variety of containers. We also compared and ordered containers based on their capacities. In Science we talked about the properties of various materials (for example, fabric is soft and fluffy and glass is transparent and smooth) and compared and sorted materials according to their properties. In PSHE we talked about our similarities and differences, and how we could appreciate the things that are different about all of us. We also talked about how we could challenge gender stereotypes in the world around us. In Geography we learned about Climate Change and how this is affecting our planet and all the people living on it. We created beautiful posters with some ideas of things we can do to address and improve the situation. This week, we started rehearsing for our Nativity performance! The children started learning some of the songs, and they will all be told their parts next week. Each child had the chance to tell their teacher whether they would like a speaking part or not, and this was taken into account when we allocated the roles. We can’t wait to share more details with you soon!

Week beginning 1st November 2021

In English we have been looking at a non-fiction book all about the Great Fire of London and we have been practising writing in the present and past tenses to compare London from 1666 to now. We travelled back in time to the Summer of 1666 to write warnings to the people of London and wrote questions to interview Thomas Farriner. In Maths we have been weighing using balance scales. We had lots of fun comparing the weights of different classroom objects (including our shoes!) against 100g, 200g and 300g weights. We have also had practise of reading the dials on scales and played this fun game: 

In History, we completed a timeline to show the events of the great fire in order. We looked at where Pudding Lane is on Google Maps and what it looks like today using street view. In Science we started our new topic on Materials. We went on a walk around the school grounds to investigate what different parts of the school are made from. In Computing tomorrow we are going to be learning all about digital photography and are going to practise different photography techniques using the iPads.

Week beginning 11th October 2021 

This week in English we have been researching and writing fact files all about Space. We used the Chromebooks to find out answers to all of the questions we had about Space. We then wrote Contents pages and Glossaries before putting all of the information we'd found into the fact file. In Maths we have been measuring length. We’ve been practising how to use rulers to measure in centimetres and decimetres to measure in groups of 10 cms. In Science we learned all about why it’s important for human beings to keep themselves clean, and did an exciting experiment to find out how soap works! We sprinkled pepper into a bowl filled with water, and when we dipped our fingers into soap and then into the pepper, it made the pepper move away from our fingers! It was amazing! To continue with our Black History Month celebrations, we learned all about the life of a famous artist called Alma Thomas, and then created some artwork inspired by her work. We ripped colourful paper into small pieces and glued them into beautiful patterns and shapes. We also did some 3D drawing in our Art lesson where we explored using different pencils to create dark and light tones. In our Computing lesson we learned more about how to keep ourselves safe online.

Week beginning 4th October 2021

This week in English we have started reading a new book called Astro Girl! We have made predictions, asked questions and pretended to be Astrid when answering them. We learnt all about homophones and had fun playing a game with words that sounded the same but are spelled differently and mean different things. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 10, 11, 20 and 21 to 2-digit numbers using dienes and 100 squares. In Science we learned all about why exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy. We had a go at a variety of exercises, timing how many we could complete in a minute and then discussed the effect it had on our bodies. In Art we had a go at making a frottage! This is all about creating artwork by taking a rubbing from an uneven surface. In RE we learned all about Harvest and we had our Harvest festival. Thank you so much for your kind donations!

Week beginning 27th September 2021

This week in English we have been focussing on describing. We have looked at writing expanded noun phrases, describing settings and identifying statements and exclamations. In Maths we have looked at addition and subtraction throughout the week. We have looked at number bonds to 10 and then to 20 and used these number facts to write addition and subtraction calculations as well as answer reasoning problems. In Science we learned all about our body parts. We drew around our bodies and labelled all the different body parts we could see. We then looked at what makes us healthy and what foods we should eat to keep our bodies healthy. In Art we used a variety of materials and wax crayons to create different textures, shapes and patterns by rubbing. In RE the children learned all about Islamic wedding ceremonies and in Music we have been learning songs about Harvest in preparation for our Harvest festival next week. content

Week beginning 20th September 2021

This week in English we wrote some amazing stories of our own based on Vlad and the Great Fire of London, the book we’ve been reading. We started the week by creating a plan for our own stories on a storyboard, and then we spent the rest of the week writing the beginning, middle and end of our stories. The children did fantastic writing and their stories were such a joy to read! In Maths we practised adding using a variety of resources such as dienes and number lines to help us. We even added 3 numbers together by looking for number patterns such as number bonds to 10 and 20 or doubles, to help us. In Science we learned all about what humans and animals need in order to survive, and we compared the needs of mammals and land creatures to those of sea creatures. We were fascinated to discover that fish breathe through gills and that some sea creatures take in water through their skin! In Art we learned about creating repeating patterns and then printed patterns using paint and a variety of objects we brought in from home or found around the classroom. In RE the children learned all about the Hindu story of Creation, and in PSHE we talked about the rewards and consequences we might get for making good or bad choices in school and at home.

Week beginning 13th September 2021

This week in English we’ve started planning our own stories based on the book we’ve been reading in class, Vlad and the Great Fire of London. We started by creating a story map and retelling the story to each other. We then created two brand new characters and described them using lots of adjectives. We will use our new main characters when we write our own stories next week! In Maths, we learned more about money by looking at all the different coins and learning about what they look like and how much they’re worth, and then adding different amounts of money together. Maybe you could look at some money together at home this weekend and talk about the different coins and their values? In Art this week, we had a brilliant time creating our Journey Sticks. We wrapped pieces of felt, pipe cleaners, string, beads and feathers around our sticks and talked about the journeys we took to collect them. They looked fantastic! In Science, we learned about the growth of human beings and we had to put the stages of human growth in the correct order. We also had an exciting RE lesson where we learned all about the Christian ceremony of baptism. What a fun week!

Week beginning 6th September 2021

The children have had a very exciting first full week back at school, and we’re so proud of them all for settling in so well! In English we started reading a new story called Vlad and the Great Fire of London. The story is all about a flea called Vlad and a rat called Boxton who escape from the Great Fire of London in 1666! We pretended to ask Vlad lots of questions, and then we wrote the questions down, remembering to use question marks. We also wrote descriptions of Boxton using lots of adjectives. In Maths we learned about 2-digit numbers and place value by finding the tens and ones in numbers, making the numbers using numicon, dienes and bead strings and counting in 10s from different numbers by adding 10. In Art we created dolls using lots of different materials like pipe cleaners, cotton wool, felt and string. They looked amazing! We started learning our new topic; Animals, including Humans, for Science by learning about different animals and their babies and how they grow from babies into adults. We also did some PSHE this week and talked about the things we might be worried about and what we can do to help ourselves feel better when we get worried.

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