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Weekly News

Home learning week 6 

Ash class have had another fantastic week with some students returning to the classroom and some still learning from home. It has been a week of settling back in and getting back into our routines which the children have loved. Keep up the hard work.   

Home learning week 5 

What an action packed week we have had, to start the week off we had a downpour of snow which the children loved. They have had lots of fun playing out in the snow building snowmen, having snowball fights, going for family walks and much more. It is also the start of the Luna new year and the children have been learning all about Chinese culture. Keep up the hard work.

Home learning week 4 

As always a very busy week for Ash class firstly, we have been looking at Chinese new years and the story of the animal race and we have drawn some fantastic animals. We have also been making our own slime and play dough to play with. Keep up the hard work.  

Home learning week 3 

Another week of hard work from Ash class who have really adapted quickly to work life at home. We have become expert bird watchers this week for the BBC bird watch week. We have seen everything from ravens to robins in our adventure. Keep up the hard work. 

Home learning week 2 

Ash class have been working very hard at home again, for literacy this week we have been looking at the book Twinkle Twinkle and learning all about rhyming words. For maths we have been looking at different units of measurements and how to use them in everyday life. Keep up the hard work.      

Home learning week 1 

This week we have all been adapting again to working from home which is always difficult however, Ash class (as always) have been fantastic. We have been looking at every ones new year and how they celebrated, what resolutions we may have and how we will stick to them. Keep up the hard work.

Autumn week 7

This week in maths we has taken a peek at symmetry. Great art work has been produced with maths in mind. Some of the children have been working on positioning (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) With literacy we have continued to look at Where the Wild things are. The children know it so well they act it out.  In addition to this we have done lots of handwriting practice and phonics.

Autumn week 6 

This week Ash Class have been looking at the book Where the Wild Things Are. The children have been very creative with their monster masks and acting. We also explored the outside environment and asking the students what they could see, hear and smell. In Maths we have been adding one more using different materials and learning techniques. In science we got involved with making edible slime which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Autumn week 5 

Ash Class have been getting numbers in order up to twenty in Maths. Literacy we have been looking at Where the Wild Things Are. They enjoyed music in which played lots of different instruments. In P.E. the children learnt and improved their throwing skills outside with beanbags and balls to one another.  

Autumn week 4

The children in Ash Class explored the concept of estimating. Use the Dear Zoo as the influence, the pupils have been encouraged to use adjectives about animals. Art incorporated making Otters swimming and animals masks.

Autumn week 3 

Ash Class Maths has been looking at repeated patterns and matching numbers to the correct amount of items. The Dear Zoo inspired us to think, draw and describe our favourite animals.