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World Book Day 

As part of English Book Week, children in year 6 have read 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt.  In the story all on Duncan's crayons quit for various reasons and Year 6 wrote persuasive speeches to encourage them to come back!  Dressed up as the rainbow crayon, they discussed the importance of every colour of the rainbow and related this to their own experiences.

Natural History Museum

As part of their Topic learning, Year 6 have visited The Natural History Museum to learn about evolution and study fossils. 

Making Greek Pots!

Using terracotta clay, Year 6 have designed and sculpted their own ancient Greek pots. 

 Multi Cultural Week

This week, Year 6 visited many different countries for multi cultural week. They visited Japan with Mrs Hopper and painted blossom trees, which looked beautiful. We also wrote our names in Japanese. We also visited Spain with Miss Preston and learnt about different Spanish festivals. Finally, we visited Britain with Miss Irwin and learnt about our native trees.


In Science, Year 6 made circuits with various wires and a light bulb! The aim was to put the wires in the correct order around the circuit to ensure the bulb would light up! It was so much fun as we enjoyed testing different methods before we found the one which was correct.

Reading with KS1 

Year 6 wrote their own stories based on different fairytales, once we were happy with our stories, we shared them with Key Stage 1 classes. We really enjoyed sharing our stories with them as they were interested in our writing and asked us lots of questions.  

 Greek Mythology

Year 6 wrote about Greek mythology, we began by researching a God on our Chromebooks to find their name, their family and how they died. After that, we drew a picture of our Greek God by copying an online image. We found this so interesting as it was something we had not learnt about before. Nathan found out that Hercules had to do 12 hard labours to make him look guilty.

Chinese Dance Workshop 

As part of multi cultural week, Year 6 took part in a Chinese dance workshop with Mrs Jones from Reception. We made dragon masks to use in the dance and played drums along to the music. Afterwards, we learnt a dance with Mrs Jones which we really enjoyed.

4th October

The highlight of this week was our visit to The Globe Theatre on the South Bank. We spent the day exploring Shakespeare's Macbeth, testing our drama skills and our literal understanding of the text. We had a lovely tour of the theatre as well.

27th September

We have continued to learn the story of Macbeth in english and have started exploring decimal numbers in mathematics. This week's highlight was in science where we all had a go at disecting a heart!

20th September 

We had our class assembly this week where we performed our own version of Macbeth which was fantastic considering the short time we have been back at school. In mathematics we have been revising the four calculation rules and the formal written method for each. 

20th April

We welcomed back the year six pupils to their final term at primary school. The children have begun revising key aspects of the curriculum this week in preparation for their SATs later in the term.

23rd March 

In maths we have been learning about ration and proportion which has been our final mathematical area to study before we recap everything before the SATs in May. During our English lessons we have created a biography of Thomas Edison which linked with the research we discovered about him during our Light science topic. We also created our Ancient Greek inspired clay pots which look fantastic and we can't wait to paint them to complete the authentic look!

16th March

This week we have written our own poems in english and have focused on area, perimeter and volume in mathematics. We created line graphs of our experiments in science and used them to read intermediate points.

9th March

This was our spring assessment week where we have seen how much progress we have made against our targets. We enjoyed a Lego workshop afternoon which was provided for by Neilcott who are the company building the extension to our school.

2nd March 

We ended up having a very short week this week due to the snow in our area. We did manage to complete a science investigation into shadow length and learn about multiplying and dividing fractions.

23rd February 

We started a new science unit on light this week starting with an investigation on how light travels. The highlight of our week was our trip to the British Museum to explore the Greek artifacts and learn what we could about the different periods of greek life focusing on the vases. We continue to enter the 100 word challenge, we are getting lots of positive comments and 7 children in the class have now had their learning showcased on the website. Well done for great writing year 6.

9th February

This week Oak Class focused on units of measurement this week, using the four rules to help solve problems around measurement. We completed our science unit on electricity investigating the different factors that affect the brightness of a bulb. We continued to solve our coding projects using scratch in computing.

26th January

Oak class created Greek character descriptions this week, including one based on their own mythical creature. Our mathematics learning saw us focus on co-ordinates and transformations of shapes across all four quadrants. These included translations, reflections and rotations. We enjoyed a HIIT training session in PE and a theoretical PE lesson as well focusing on the benefits of exercise and team sports. Unfortunately we were pipped by Y5 in the timestables battle on TT Rockstars. We will be practising before the the re-match!

19th January 

This week Oak class have concentrated on decimal numbers in mathematics. We have learnt how to order, round and apply the four calculations with decimals in problem solving. We created our Greek Columns based on the Greek Gods and include lots of strange and wonderful facts we researched. In computing we completed our first Scratch unit creating our own musical bands using code.

12th January 

So far this term we have continued our writing on Shaun Tan's 'The Arrival' and have revisted both written and mental methods for the 4 operations in mathematics. This term we have started a new Creative Curriculum Topic of the Ancient Greeks. We are now using the Spelling Shed App to help us learn our weekly spellings. We ended the week by entering the 100 Word Challenge again and look forward to receiving comments on our writing from around the World.

11th December

Our last full week before the Christmas holidays saw Oak class begin to master fractions, including solving problems of adding, subtracting, multiplying and simplifying fractions. The life bus visited this week and year 6 had a session all about decisions and how to make the right choice.

4th December 

During this week we focused on 3D shapes in mathematics. We ended up drawing our own 3D shape nets using rulers and protractors with the adults very impressed with the new skills the class have learnt. At the end of the week we had a fantastic trip down to Petts Wood Library. We were greated with a talk about some of the latest non-fiction texts published connected with our creative curriculum topics before the children were set with the challenge of finding interesting facts that the teachers did not know before.

27th November 

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to The Natural History Museum this week. The children enjoyed finding out about the natural disasters that have affected our World and about Human Evolution. Both areas of the museum supported the children in their topic and science learning this term. We also wrote diary entries based on the events in 'The Arrival' and have focused on rounding numbers in mathematics.

20th November 

We have started an exciting new literacy unit this week based on Shaun Tan's 'The Arrival'. The children had great fun writing the words and filming their version of the first chapter. In mathematics the children have started using TT Rock Stars to improve their fluency of their times tables. We also look into measurement and converting units of measurement.

13th November 

Oak have continued to work on divison and subtraction this week. In art we looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and using examples of what we liked we created our own pieces inspired by his ideas.

6th November

This week Oak class have focused on division in mathematics and have also spent time rehearsing their timestables to improve their fluency. We have continued to look at evolution in Science and enjoyed writing a rather spooky account for our 100 Word challenge this week. In Music we continue to improve using the Fife and in PE we have started a gymnastics unit.

30th October

Oak class have been learning to confidently use written methods for multiplication this week. We have been making sure we know our tables and learning different mental strategies to use as well. In English we have created our story maps for 'Macbeth' to help with our retelling of the story. In science we have started our learning on Evolution.

16th October

We have started to learn about fractions in mathematics and completed our learning on classification in science. We spent our english lessons planning and preparing an information leaflet about Sayers Croft, aimed at persuading the year 5 children to go next year.

9th October 

This week we spent a fantastic week away at Sayers Croft residential centre. We took part in lots of events including pond dipping, shelter building, climbing wall, high ropes, compass work, ballista building, orienteering, camp fire, team challenges and team games.

2nd October 

This week we have had our assessment week to check how well we are doing towards our targets. We have used our observation skills in science to look very closely at different leaves from our school grounds and discussing how they are similar and different. We've enjoyed using the Spelling Shed app to help us with our spellings.

25th September 

This week we had a special Lego workshop morning with year 5. Sam from the Medway Education Business Partnership came in and taught us how to be architects and project managers. We had to design and build a Lego house which met a set criteria and came in under budget. It was very challenging but gave us a great insight into the world of work. In English we have focused on poetry and enjoyed reading our poems to the school on World Poetry Day.

18th September

We had a wonderful trip to the Royal Opera House this week to see 'The Magic Flute'. It was a fantastic experience for the children and staff! In English this week we have continued with our descriptive language and started to include a variety of conjunctions to join our ideas. In mathematics we have concentrated on subtraction and have continued to look at classification and branching databases in science. We have been delighted to read so many wonderful comments to our 100 Word Challenge entries this week, especially those from half way around the world!

11th September 

This week year 6 have written biographies after learning about Roald Dahl. During mathematics the children have strengtherned their understanding of decimals and applied this throught decimal addition. In science we began our learning on classification and we explored Wassily Kandinsky in art.

6th September

Welcome back! Year 6 have settled back into life at Poverest and their teachers are already very proud of the effort they are all making with their learning. We have been consolodating our place value understanding in mathematics, have written application letters for the monitor posts the children would like to have this year and have started learning about the different types of mountains. The staff loved the presentations by the children on their summer holiday projects.

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