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Weekly News


 15th October

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 8th October

It was assessment week in year 4 and we'll be carrying out assessments in English, reading, spelling and maths to see just how well we are all doing and where are learning is going next.

We had a fantastic Science afternoon where we made our own paper spinners and tested how quickly they would drop to the ground, depending on the weight of the paper clips. In Art we had our own pinch pots ready for painting our Aztec designs on next week.

In RE we learnt about the bible and how many books are within the New and Old Testaments as well as the names of each book. 


 1st October

Another busy week in Fig where we became advertising experts; not only did we finish writing our adverts for our chocolate bar wrappers but we also recorded them on the ipad.  In Maths we consolidated our learning on subtraction, making sure we were secure on exchanging from other columns. A tricky business however lots of smiles by the end of the week.


 24th September

We have had a fantastic week of learning in Fig class. Column subtraction has been our maths focus and we had a fabulous lesson with Mr Greenwood where we made cubes from nets and created our own 1000 sticks. Please visit the gallery to see our creations. In English we have been learning about advertising and have planned our adverts for our chocolate wrappers which we made in Art. Science was all about experiments, where we investigated whether gas has weight and if gas could be made from a solid and a liquid. Again visit the Fig photo gallery to observe our findings! For PE we are learning golf skills, there are some very good golfers in our class!

 17th September

We have had a fantastic week, learning how particles move for our Science topic 'States of Matter'. Monday was 'Meet the teacher' where we discussed the trips for the year. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is helping us to write character descriptions and think about using conjunctions in our writing. For maths we have been adding using the column method and unpicking word problems.

 10th September

It's the first full week back. We'll be getting straight into learning this week with all children having new AR books, as well as starting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in English. Please check Dojo for photos on a regular basis to see what else we are getting up to this week. 

 3rd September

*Monday are Tuesday are staff training days*

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great summer and are feeling refreshed. This week in year 4 we'll be settling back in, getting new lockers and sorting out targets for the year.