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Weekly News




Week 17 - 27th January  

It has been multicultural week this week and we have travelled the globe! We started in the UAE then to Kenya, next we popped to Australia and finally to Egypt! We did so many exciting activities such as creating our own Kenyan necklaces, creating a paper mosque and printing a kangaroo. We hope to fly around the world again some time soon. 


Week 16 - 20th January 

This week we went to The London Aquarium and it was so much fun. We were able to find out about all of the different animals that live in a variety of oceans around the world. We saw the penguins eating fish, the sharks swimming and even got to touch a starfish! It was such an amazing experience which inspired us to write lots about each animal!

Week 15 - 13th January ​​​​​​​

This week in Science we have been finding out about the changes animals go through to survive the winter in the UK. We made up our own actions to pretend to be the different animals and then played a 'Simon Says' game with our animal actions. 


Week 14 - 6th January ​​​​​​​ 

Wow, what a fantastic first week back! We have started a new topic all about Oceans. In Geography we started to look at and name the different oceans and in History we have been able to see how boats have changed over time. 

Week 13 - 16th December 

Nativity!!! This week, after many different rehearsals we have shown our nativity performance to parents. It has been a success and everyone performed to the best of their ability. 

Week 12 -9th December ​​​​​​​

We have been learning all about toys for our history topic this week. We have looked at a range of different toys which rich and poor children would have played with in the Victorian times. We even made our own peg dolls. They have been great to make!

Week 11 - 2nd December ​​​​​​​

We have had a great week learning about the months of the year. We found out when everyone's birthday was and what big events happened in each of the months. We then played a game of swap the months with our partners. 

Week 10 - 25th November 

This week we went to London to visit the Florence Nightingale museum. We learnt all about her life and her rise to becoming an important nurse. We even tried on some of the same style clothes she would have worn. 


Week 9 - 18th November​​​​​​​

This week we went on a trip to Pizza express to learn all about making pizzas. It was great fun to get on the bus and visit the Chislehurst Pizza Express! We touched and smelt the different ingredients and then made the pizza.

Week 8 - 11th November​​​​​​​

We made our very own conker spiders this week. We found conkers around our local area and then an adult made holes into the conker. We then decorated them with 8 pipe cleaner legs and  

Week 7 4th November​​​​​​​

This week we did a very important science experiment, we went into the playground and found out about the different coloured leaves in our play area. We all scooped up a section leaves from the playground and sorted them. It turns out that brown and orange are the most common colour leaf for this time of year on our playground. 


Week 6 - 28th October

We have been learning all about Florence Nightingale this week and the impact she has had on nursing today. She was an amazing woman who taught us about the importance of clean hospitals and nurses. We even met a real doctor who was able to show us the different things she would wear in an operating theatre. 

Week 5 

This week we were learning all about ordinal numbers. We played races, board games and even did some art. We made sure that we used the terminology 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on correctly all week! Even in our assembly we used our ordinal numbers. 

Week 4

This week we learnt all about different colours and colour mixing. We turned it into a science experiment. We mixed together bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and watched it explode. Inside each of the pots were different colours, as the mixture exploded we saw the colours combine and create a new colour. It was so interex 

Week 3 

We have been learning all about the famous nurse Mary Seacole. We have had a great week smelling, touching and even tasting some of the herbal medicine she used. Some of us really did not like the smell of the lemongrass but lots of us enjoyed smelling the mint. 

Week 2

This week we had great fun starting our new Science subject all about Autumn. We went on a long Autumn walk to find some exciting Autumn treasure! We hunted high and low and eventually came back with some beautiful leaves, conkers and acorns.  

Week 1

It's our second week back and we have started to look at our new class story 'Orion and the Dark'! We wrote predictions based on the title page and then read a few pages of the book to find out Orion is scared of lots of things! We discussed and wrote about our own fears and why we think they are so scary. After this we wrote a note to the character Orion to give him advice on how to get over his fears. In our Maths lessons we learnt what it meant to estimate! We worked in pairs to get scoop out handfuls of beads from our pots and our partner had to guess how many we scooped out! Once we estimated we worked together to count ouf how many beads there were. In History our topic is all about medicine and people from the past, we found out who Mary Seacole was and why she was important in the Crimean War. Linking to our Geography, we looked at Jamaica and how it is different from UK, sorting pictures of the UK and Jamaica into our books. Finally, we became colour scientists! We learnt about what the 3 primary colours are and through some colour volcanoes we found out what primary colours mix together to make our secondary colours!