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Weekly News

6th September

In the first week in Hazel Class, the children were beginning to get used to their new class, equipment, routines and new staff!


11th September

This week we are learning about the four British Values - Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Democracy. We put two of these values into practice. We held School Council elections in class and formulated our Class Charter.

18th September 

We have invited all new parents into school for a 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon. We will introduce ourselves, talk about the curriculum for the year, planned trips and other expectations.


25th September 

We went on our trip to Pizza Express in Chislehurst. It was planned as part of our topic ' How are you?'. We talked about Healthy foods and made our own pizzas. We got to take them home to eat. They were yummy!

2nd October 

We have introduced daily exercises called '5 a day'. The children join in with exercising for five minutes every day. We are learning the importance of regular exercise and the part it can play in keeping us healthy.


9th October 

This is assessment week and the children have been working hrad to demonstrate their learning. We have been learning the names of different parts of the body. We visited the book fair and looked at all the books to decide which ones we liked.

16th October 

This is Maths Week! We are playing lots of maths games that will help us with counting, turn taking and strategic play. We are having Pupil/Parent meetings where we can discuss the progress the children are making.


30th October 

We are had school photos taken this week so we made sure we were smart. Coincidently we also drew our own self portraits - look at the photographs!

6th November 

We went to the Florence Nightingale Museum as part of our topic. We learnt about her life and how she improved the condition of hospitals and helped the soldiers during the Crimean War. Look at our photographs! 

13th November 

It is anti-bullying week this week. We have discussed kindness to each other and the kind of things that make us upset. More importantly, we discussed what we can do to help each other so that you are no longer upset. We held a competition for Children in Need and Jack in our class won!

20th November 

The children have been making Christmas decorations with the help of the PTA. We have also been learning our songs for the Christmas production, 'Wriggly Nativity'.

27th November 

This is Assessment Week where we find out how well the children have been learning. Also we have started our rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity. 


4th December

We are continuing our rehearsals for our 'Wriggly' Nativity.  We completed our colour mixing circles where we made secondary colours from primary colours. We decided to turn them into christmas baubles and hang them in our classroom.

11th December

We held our dress rehearsal to the school and performed the nativity to parents. We have made our christmas cards and visited The Life Bus. Harold the Giraffe taught us some internal organ names such as intestines, lungs and heart. He also helped us to learn the importance of cleanliness. We also learnt about the different food groups. We finished the week with a Celebration of Learning. 

18th December 

We had our Christmas party with games and dancing and the staff put on a Christmas show for the children. It was Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' with a twist. The children particularly enjoyed Mr Duffin's portrayal of Mary! Lets not forget our Christmas lunch of turkey with crackers!

3rd January 

We have been writing about our holidays. As our new topic is ' The Toymaker', the children were asked to take a photo of themselves with their favourite toy - we have put these on display in the class. In science, we have been learning how to group animals by what they eat. So we have discovered that some animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We also began to look at where animals live and their different environments.

8th January 

We started exploring non-fiction writing, particularly Instructional Writing. To give us a purpose to practice writing instructions, we made jelly. The best part was eating it, of course! To finish our science topic of Animals including Humans - we began making our 'shoe box' habitats. We will display them in the hall when they are ready. In Maths we are learning about shape and held a 3-D fashion show and a shape hunt.

15th January

This week we geared ourselves up for our visit to 'The Museum of Childhood' and it didn't disappoint. The trip proved to be a great introduction to the topic of forces- pushes and pulls. We tried out some of the interactive toys in the workshop and in the exhibition area (see our photos). We explored some of our own equipment in school to see which force was applied to it to make it move. We have started a new book 4talk for writing, 'The tiger who came to tea' and are using it as our focus.

22nd January

We have be extending our learning in Science by carrying out an investigation into the earth's pull (gravity). We used cars and a ramp and recorded the distance the car travelled and how the height of the ramp effected the distance travelled. We used Ipads in our maths lesson and played barrier games. In computing we sorted old and new toys using the Purple Mash website. Don't forget - it's our class assembly next week! 

29th January

This week is Multicultural Week. All the KS1 classes have chosen a different country from a different continent. Please see our photos! We were planning to perform in our class assembly this week but so many children were unwell (Ahhhh) so we decided to postpone it.

5th February

We have continued our learning in direction and turns. We practised using the app A.L.E.X.  We have designed our own board games and got our friends to play them.

19th February 

Our story book this half term is 'Avocado Baby' and we have been predicting, retelling and sequencing the story. In computing, we decided what the best materials would be to build a house. We have been busy using clay in Science and Art. In Science, the focus was in changing materials and in Art, the focus was texture.

5th March

No news last week because of the snow and associated difficulties. 

This week we have been completing our clay pots, matchbox art and Mother's Day cards. We have been learning about fact families in Maths and innovating our story of the Avocado Baby. Our highlight of the week was our trip to the London Transport Museum!

12th March

For those children who attend after school clubs with Sportacus - they held a special assembly! We completed our assessments and finished working on our Matchbox Art. Also we explored the Hindu festival of Holi and painted hands. Next week we are putting them on display on the hoarding near the school entrance. Please take time to have a look.

19th March

We have been learning about imperative verbs and using them in our writing. We have also explored doubles and near doubles in Maths and how they can help us to calculate sums. Our 100% attenders were treated to a trip to the cinema and they watched 'Paddington 2'. In grammar, we stuck our nouns all over the class!

What will we do next week...

26th March

This week we prepared our Easter Cards and explored the Easter Story. We looked at different materials to see if we could identify what they were made of. We completed are persuasive texts to see if we could persuade Mrs Weeks to eat our fruits. We were learning about doubling in Maths. We completed the week with a Easter bonnet parade and Easter Egg hunt. Phew!



17th April

We have been very busy on our return back to school after the Easter break!  In Literacy, we concentrated on punctuation and the -er and -est suffixes. In Maths we have been learning how to count in 2s, odd and even numbers, days of the week and months of the year. Our Science focus is Plants and we began by observing and identifying common plants around the school grounds. Our Geography focus is the human and physical features of the seaside. In RE, we  studied The Bible and some of the messages it contains for Christians.


23rd April

Another rewarding week in Hazel class. We started the week with a special visitor called Truffles. He came to help us with our Science! We decorated some biscuits to give them to Walnut class to demonstrate Christian values as part of our RE curriculum. We went on a leaf hunt to help identify the different trees we have in the school grounds. In Art, we studied and drew shells, particularly looking at pattern. For Maths, we ordered numbers and added ten. Literacy has involved introducing a new book - Elmer!


30th April

In Maths we have been learning about Fractions. To help us, we used Ipads, games, Art, Smarties and even our school dinners. We were also looking at the cultural differences demonstrated in weddings and looked at the six main religions.  We became really familiar with the story of Elmer which enabled us to sequence the story. The class have been learning about grammar and in particular -ing and -ed.

7th May

We only had four days this week but we still squeezed lots of learning in. We were learning about time (look at our photographs). We had two visitors come into class. First, Elmer came in to answer lots of questions that the children had written. Then we had a grandparent visit to answer questions about seaside holidays of the past. The children have learned about the many differences between holidays now and in the past. We made sand pictures of human and physical features of the seaside. The RSPB came and helped us to describe features in the school grounds. 

14th May 

We have been learning about money this week. We have played money bingo and used money in the seaside cafe to buy teas, cakes, drinks and ice cream! We wrote about a snail trail and the things the snail  would have seen on his journey. It has been assessment week so the children have been showing us all their learning.

21st May

We have prepared our Milk Pastel paintings and they are ready for the Art exhibition in June. We based our designs on 'Elmer's Day' which features in our literacy book this half term. We have continued to learn about money and have completed lots of practical tasks involving handling money. In RE, we were learning about the special book in Judaism. We have started to make our own! We also tried on a Tallit. This is the prayer shawl a Rabbi would wear in the synagogue.

4th June 

Hazel Class have been learning about measuring length. We had a special visitor who came in to demonstrate how he uses measuring everyday. The site manager from Neilcott came in to show us how he measures things and he helped us to measure some items in class. We have practised on objects in class and measuring how far you can through a bean bag. We even measured ourselves! We wrote some Acrostic poems and wrote about bears as an introduction to our new book. In computing, we have designed a leaflet about the different seasons.

11th June 

It has been Design and Technology week so we have designed a healthy sandwich using the 'Eatwell Guide' to help us choose our ingredients. We completed our Phonic Screening as well! In Maths we were learning about measuring and estimating lengths. In Literacy, we started exploring our new book 'Peace at Last'. We finished our week by celebrating Eid. We shared food with Holly class and we learnt some things about how Muslims pray. We designed our own prayer mats.


18th June

This week has been Assessment Week. This is when we can look carefully at what the children have been learning. In Maths we have started to learn about capacity and this will continue next week. In Literacy, we are continuing with 'Peace at Last'. It was Sports Day so the children were able to demonstrate their sporting prowess. We also had the school class photographs taken and the children looked very smart!

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25th June

The children have started to learn about weight and measures. We had great fun weighing lots of objects. We had an outdoor learning day and spent listening to stories on the field and as part of Geography, we identified human and physical features of the school grounds. We had our trip to the National Maritime Museum where we learnt about seaside holidays in the past. Look at our photographs!

2nd July

We have been learning how to identify different types of weather that occurs in each season. In Literacy we have been thinking of ideas on how to help Mr Bear (Peace at Last) get to sleep! In Maths, we have completed our measures and comparing weight and we have started to explore multiplication and division. Rehearsals have begun in earnest for our class asembly. We do hope you can come and watch.