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11th October

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4th October

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11th Oct

This week we have...

7th May 2018

This week we are understanding percentages and finding percentages of amounts, related fractions and decimals.  Sewing is a skill to be learnt this week. It will help us to join fabrics together to make a slipper.


1st May 2018

We are travelling to Jamaica this week finding out the climate, wildlife and food that makes it a holiday destination.  Science involves investigating which paper will drop from a fixed point quicker- flat, scrunched up or folded.


24th April 2018

We are continuing to write reports focusing on places where we might like to visit on holiday looking at the differences between fact and opinion. In P.E. we are practicing the skills needed for Tag Rugby.


17th April 2018

17th April 2018, Elm Class are looking at features of Non-chronological reports and using these to write a report on a variety of countries. Understanding the value of numbers and using four operations to manipulate digits.


 19th March

This week whilst some pupils were at Kemnal College, the rest of us took the opportunity to make Easter gardens from our designs. Please have a look at our gallery. Pupils who had the opportunity to go to Kemnal this week made key rings out of recycled plastic. They have also started their next project, making model cars. 

12th March 

This week we practiced and performed our class assembly. We would like to say thank you to those parents who were able to take time out of their busy day to support all of us.

5th March 

After a week of snow last week, we have had a week of assessments. This has included, Maths, English, reading and Science. On Thursday we had the opportunity to build a tall tower out of Lego in order to make the largest profit. This workshop was lead by Neilcott.

19th February 

We have completed reading our class text ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. We have taken the time to complete detail character sketches using evidence from the text to support our writing.

In Maths we have consolidated our knowledge by calculating perimeter and area of regular and irregular shapes.

Pupils returned to Kemnal College to continue their STEM project. This week they made cookies, including ‘jammie dodgers’.

5th February 

Ten pupils have had the opportunity to visit Kemnal Technology College in a STEM project. They made home-made burgers that smelt and tasted delicious. As a class this week pupils planned, designed and made bridges that would support at least one dictionary entirely out of paper! Have a look at our photos and see our successful model bridges.

22nd January 

Total success with our written scary stories! When you attend open afternoons or parents evening, please take time to read our stories.Accordion content 

15th January

This week we have continued to draft our scary stories. We are applying our learning, by using short sentences, adverbials and descriptive adjectives to create suspense.

Some pupils have been brave enough to play a solo on the Fife during our music lesson with Lizzie.

8th January 

This week we have been pleased to welcome Mr Greenwood back to our Maths lessons on Tuesdays. He makes learning maths fun, through games and challenges.

Writing spooky/scary stories is our genre in English. We have learnt to focus on making our language descriptive and used short sentences to bring about tension.

2nd November

On Thursday 2nd November, Elm class went to the Science Museum in London. Pupils were able to consolidate their learning in class of the topic Earth, Space and Beyond.

18th October 

Pupils have been drawing self portraits and working on mixing secondary colours from the three primary colours - red, blue and yellow

4th October 

Pupils have been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl. We have looked closely at the characters of Mr and Mrs Twit.

27th September 

We have had an exciting week in Elm, writing our first story drafts in creative writing. Children have shown depth in their imagination, demonstarting the ability to create vivid well as smells (I'll say no more) to set the scene and introduce the first character. Expect a further update next week.

Elm also had the opportunity with Year 6 to take part in a 'Team Building Lego Workshop'. There are more details on the school newsletter, with pictures as well.

20th September 

On Monday 18th September, Elm class joined Oak class on an exciting educational visit to the Royal Opera House in London. Pupils watched a live performance of the Magic Flute.

Elm have continued learning about Earth, Space and Beyond this week, as we tracked how the sun appeared to move across the sky. We noted how the shadows cast varied in size.

Finally, in our music lesson we able to keep the 'beat'. Pupils were given balloons to practise how long they can blow on one breath.

13th September 

This week in literacy we have studied instructional texts. In mathematics we have been learning about place value and enjoyed an exciting number game lesson with Mr Greenwood. We created Mnemonic to remember the order of the planets from the sun in science. In art we look at Ochre colours and created landscapes. We explored the book of Kells in RE and looked at what is beautiful to God.

6th September

Welcome back to Poverest and the start of year 5. This week we have set our new targets and enjoyed the start of our new Egyptian topic. We began problem solving in maths.