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Weekly News

18 January 2019

This week in Maths we have been looking at the properties of numbers, talking about whether they were odd or even numbers, and whether they were multiples of 2 or 10 (or both!). We also compared numbers using the < and > symbols to indicate which number was greater (more) or less than another number. In Phonics, we learned a variety of Common Exception Words, which children in Year 2 need to be able to spell correctly by the end of the year. We grouped the words according to spelling rules, and learned some tricks to help us spell them. In English, we continued reading the story of the Rainbow Fish. We looked at the use of inverted commas (speech marks) when different characters are speaking in the story, and we worked on adding inverted commas to our own writing. We also talked about different emotions, and empathised with the feelings of the Rainbow Fish in the story. We enjoyed singing our Rainforest song this week, and also learned about the different layers that can be found in a Rainforest. In Science, we have been sorting animals and objects into groups of living and non-living things, and also discussing a variety of habitats for different animals.

11 January 2019 

Welcome back! We hope you’ve all had a lovely, relaxing holiday and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We are very excited to have a new topic this term, the Rainforest. Please feel free to look at some books or information on the Internet with your child to support them in their learning. This week in Maths we have been learning about doubling and halving, and also started looking at multiplication. The children practised finding double and half of different numbers up to 20. They also learned that multiplication is the same as repeated addition (e.g. 10+10+10=30 is the same as 10x3=30). In Phonics, we learned a variety of words from our topic for this term, the Rainforest. We sounded them out, looked at spelling rules, and talked about their meaning. In English, we read the story of the Rainbow Fish. We enjoyed listening to the story and talking about the features of a fiction text, discussing the different characters and their personalities and using a wide variety of adjectives to describe them. We have been doing lots of interesting work to introduce our new topic to the children, including learning a new song about the Rainforest, drawing a picture of the Rainforest and making a mind map about everything we would like to learn about the Rainforest this term.

21 December 2018

This week in Maths we have been having a go at some investigations. The children have been using their reasoning skills to solve problems and justify their answers. In Phonics, we learned a variety of words where the sound ‘j’ is spelt with either ‘dge’ e.g. ‘wedge’, ‘ge’, e.g. ‘change’ and ‘g’, e.g. ‘germ’. We have been concentrating on when each spelling is used and writing rules to help us to remember. In English, we watched a short video about Sprout Boy, a character who is looking for a friend to spend Christmas with. We have been interviewing him, making up our own characters to be his friend and worked hard on using powerful adjectives to describe his personality and appearance. We have focussed on using commas to separate two adjectives, e.g. He has bright, sparkly eyes. We have also had a Christmas quiz and treasure hunt and are so looking forward to our Christmas party tomorrow morning.

After Christmas, we are starting a new topic all about the Rainforest.

14 December 2018

This week in Maths we have been continuing our learning about time. The children have been looking at analogue clocks, and learning how to tell the time to the hour, half hour, quarter past and quarter to. We have been looking at solving word problems all about time. Quarter to has been a bit trickier to get our heads round, so any extra practise of reading quarter to times at home, would be beneficial. In Phonics, we learned a variety of words where the sound ‘er’ is spelt with either ‘or’ e.g. ‘work’, ‘ir’, e.g. ‘bird’ and ‘ear’, e.g. ‘earth’. We practised writing them and putting them into sentences which include conjunctions (words such as ‘when’ or ‘if’ that join clauses). In English, we continued with our shape poetry, with a wintery/Christmas theme. The children have been working really hard on using similes and alliteration, as well as imaginative vocabulary in their poems. In RE, we have been continuing our learning about Christianity, by retelling the nativity story-the version from the Bible, no cockerels or mice were mentioned!

Thank you so much for all your help and support with the Nativity performance this year. I’m sure you know the children’s lines and songs as well as we do! We are looking forward to tonight’s final performance from Chestnut and Hazel classes, before we hang up our scripts for this year.

7 December 2018 

This week in Maths we have been learning about time. The children have been looking at analogue clocks, and learning how to tell the time to the hour, half hour, quarter past and quarter to. They have also had lots of fun using timers to time themselves and their friends performing a variety of actions, e.g. standing up and sitting down, or writing as many letters of the alphabet as they could. This gave them a good idea of how long 15 second-, 30 second-, and 1 minute intervals are. In Phonics, we learned a variety of words that contain the letter “a” which makes a sound like an “or” (e.g. tall). We practised writing them and putting them into sentences. In English, we read some wonderful shape poetry, and were excited to create our own shape poems about the Great Fire of London. After we had done that, we were able to create shape poems about our favourite topics, which was very interesting! The children wrote poems about unicorns, favourite video games, kings and even Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer! We practised for our Nativity performance throughout the week, and the children are getting very excited to share all their hard work with their families!

30th November 2018

This week in Maths we have been exploring measurement using decimetre strips (which are 10cm long), rulers and metre sticks. The children have enjoyed measuring a wide variety of objects around the class and recording their lengths. They’ve also compared the lengths of different objects, saying which were longer, shorter or of equal length using the appropriate symbols. In Phonics, we learned a wide variety of words that contain the letter “a” which makes a sound like a short “o” (as in hot). In English, we talked about the characters Vlad and Boxton from our class story Vlad and the Great Fire of London. We pretended to ask them questions, and then wrote down answers that we thought the characters might give. We also wrote a diary as the character Boxton from the story, thinking about what he might write about and how he may have felt during the time of the Great Fire. We learned to write in the first person, and we used adjectives and adverbs to make our writing interesting. The children also enjoyed practising for their Nativity performance.

23rd November 2018 

This week in Maths we have been learning to add and subtract 2-digit numbers using dienes to help us. Dienes are resources that help us to visually represent tens (green sticks) and ones (yellow cubes) in numbers. The children enjoyed making 2-digit numbers using dienes, and then adding them together and subtracting them from each other. They also learned how to draw dienes in their books to help them to solve the problems. In Phonics, we learned a wide variety of words that end with the suffix –tion. The children learned a funny pneumonic rhyme to help them remember this suffix: “tiny insects on noodles”. We practiced writing these words and making sentences with them. In English, the children learned how to write instructions. First we thought back to our lesson on baking bread last week, and wrote instructions for baking bread using “bossy” verbs such as mix, stir and

2nd November 2018 

This week in Maths we have been learning how to use a hundred square and number line to add two-digit numbers to make the nearest multiple 10 (e.g. 57+3=60). We have been looking at numbers and identifying the nearest multiple of 10, and then using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to add a number to make the nearest multiple of 10. We have also used our number bonds to 10 and 20 to add 3 numbers together (e.g. 7+3+8=18 because we know 7+3=10 and then we add 8). In Phonics, we added the suffixes –ful and –less to change words into adverbs (e.g. pain into painful/painless). In English, we were very excited to start learning about newspaper reports. We learned about the main features of a newspaper report, and started using the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) to write our own newspaper reports on the Great Fire of London. We also enjoyed a special workshop on World War 1, which was presented by a man dressed as a real WW1 soldier who told us all about the war and showed us some interesting artefacts.

19th October 2018 

This week in Maths we have been learning how to use a hundred square to add and subtract two-digit numbers (e.g. 45+21, or 45-21). We have been looking at numbers and identifying the tens and ones (e.g. 45 has 4 tens and 5 ones) and using this information to make the correct amount of jumps on the hundred square in order to be able to add or subtract the numbers. In Phonics, we looked at words with short vowel sounds (e.g. hot) and changed them into the past tense (by adding the suffix –ed) and the present tense (by adding the suffix –ing). In English, we enjoyed discussing the main characters in the story Vlad and the Great Fire of London, and describing them using interesting adjectives. We also made up our own characters for the story and described them, which was very exciting! We enjoyed practising for the Grandparents’ Tea Party, and we also had fun sharing our favourite books from home during our RE lesson about special Hindu stories.

12th October 2018 

This week in Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We talked about which shapes were symmetrical, and we also sorted shapes into groups according to the amount of sides and corners they have. We learned and applied a range of new vocabulary, including pentagon (5 sides), hexagon (6 sides) and octagon (8 sides). In Phonics, we looked at words with short vowel sounds (e.g. hot) and added the comparative suffix –er and the superlative suffix –est to them by doubling the consonant at the end of the word (e.g. hotter, hottest). In English, we were very excited to receive a letter from Vlad, Boxton and Kate Cunningham! We had fun reading their letter and writing letters in response. We focused on how to use a variety of question words (e.g. who, what, where, when, why etc.) and question marks when writing questions, and how to respond appropriately when someone has asked us a question. It was Science Week this week, and we really enjoyed visiting different Reception and Year 1 classes and taking part in some exciting Science experiments, including planting seeds! We also created Science posters for a competition! It was so interesting!

5th October 2018 

This week in Maths we have been focusing on number bonds to 10. The children enjoyed using lots of different resources such as Numicon, number lines, Unifix cubes and bead strings to explore all the different ways they could make 10 using both addition and subtraction. We also used the bar model to help us to write our number bonds to 10 in a clear, visual way. In Phonics we have been focusing on changing words ending in –y to the past tense using the suffix –ed (e.g. cry to cried), and the present tense by using the suffix –ing (e.g. dry to drying). The children had so much fun learning the song “London’s Burning” in English this week, and even learned how to sing it in a round! They looked at the basic structure of the song by clapping the syllables of all the words, and then had a go at writing their own version of the song by using words with the same amount of syllables. They took turns singing their own song to the rest of the class, and we had some very interesting songs about Seasons, football, unicorns and many more. It was amazing!

28th September 2018 

This week in Maths we have been focusing on solving word problems using addition and subtraction. The children have been working systematically, reading the problems, circling the numbers and identifying what calculation to use (+ or -). They then wrote the numbers into a bar model and solved the problem by writing a number sentence. In Phonics we have been focusing on changing words ending in –y to the comparative form using the suffix –er (e.g. happy to happier), and the superlative form using the suffix –est (e.g. heavy to heaviest). We were very excited to welcome the author Kate Cunningham into our classes on Monday, and had lots of fun acting out the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London, looking at some artefacts from the 1660’s, and taking part in discussions and role play based on the events of the Great Fire of London. We focused on role play for the rest of the week in our Literacy, acting out scenes from the story, looking at the different characters in the story and writing descriptive paragraphs using a variety of adjectives.content

21st September 2018


This week was very exciting because we went on our first trip of the year, to the Museum of London! We all had a fantastic time. We stopped at St. Paul's Cathedral and did first-hand sketches into our sketch books, and also enjoyed a fun storytelling workshop. We have been continuing to learn about place value in maths, partitioning 2-digit numbers into their tens and ones for addition and subtraction (e.g. 60 + 8 = 68 so 68 - 60= 8) and then have had a go at using our knowledge of tens and ones to investigate money. In Phonics we have been focusing on past and present tenses and have changed our root words into the past (adding –ed) and the present (adding –ing) tenses. In English we have been using our knowledge of the past tense from Phonics to write a recount about trip on Monday (or another event). The children have been trying hard to add adjectives to their writing to make it interesting for the reader.

14th September 2018 

Cedar class have been very busy this week! We have read a story called Vlad and the Great Fire of London, by Kate Cunningham, in Literacy, and have enjoyed recounting and rewriting this story in our own words. In Maths, we have been looking at how to plot 2-digit numbers on a 100-number line, and then counting on in tens. We have also been doing lots of work on place value and looking at the tens and ones in 2-digit numbers. In Phonics, we have been adding comparative (-er) and superlative (-ed) suffixes to words, and writing sentences with these words, e.g. "I am braver than a lion, but Mrs Rautenbach is the bravest!" We have looked at Tudor houses and enjoyed creating 3D houses in Computing, and using paper strips to make them in Art. This week was Health Week in school! In Science, we learned about what foods are healthy, and looked at the different food groups. We also enjoyed doing a PE session with Joe Wicks (the Bodycoach) on Youtube! What an exciting week!

7th September 2018 

Well done for completing your first week in Year 2, Cedar Class! It has been a wonderful week where we have all explored our new classroom and adjusted to our new routine. This week, the children enjoyed settling back into life at school, attending a whole school assembly where Mrs Weeks welcomed them all back, and a singing assembly where they enjoyed singing songs from last year. They were excited to see how their names could move up our class behaviour chart to reach the Pot of Gold, in which case they would receive a certificate and a prize! They also enjoyed creating our own Class Charter, a set of rules to make our class a fun, welcoming, safe environment where everyone can do their best learning. The children were thrilled to learn that they would be going on a trip to the Museum of London soon! 

 20th July

Congratulations Year 2! You have completed the year and what a fantastic year it has been. I've absolutely loved teaching every single one of you, you are all unique and special to me in lots of different ways. I'll certainly miss laughing and learning with you every day. Enjoy the summer holidays and we'll see you in September for more fun!

 13th July

We're getting so close to the end of Year 2! Where is the time going! This week we have been working hard on our 'Moving Up' assembly. We've learnt our songs and are learning our lines so we are looking forward to performing. We have been solving number problems in maths, we've loved using our skills to work out which teddy should sit where at the picnic and how we can make rows of numbers add to 10/15 and 20.

 6th July

Wow! What a busy week! This week we have written a newspaper report in literacy about our characters getting a bad knee from a mythical creature, which is based on the book called 'On the way home.' In maths, we have recapped doubles, halves and finding fractions of amounts. We loved topic this week as we created giant clown bows by decorating paper and folding them.

 30th June

On Monday and Tuesday, Year 2 visited Downe Activity Centre for an overnight school trip! We arrived and quickly settled into our rooms then moved outside in the beautiful sunshine for some lunch. Afterwards, we split into our groups to complete archery, tunnel trails, orienteering, grass sledging and the adventure course. We finished the evening by having fish fingers and chips, then we went to a campfire for songs and marshmallows. After a great nights sleep, we had a breakfast sandwich and completed more fun activities! It was such a wonderful trip.

 22nd June

This week has been full of fun activities as we began to write our own version of ‘On the way home’. Our character hurts their knee and tells people crazy stories about how they hurt themselves. We enjoyed creating mythical characters and describing elaborate ways for our character to hurt their knee. In maths, we’ve been counting in 2, 5 and 10 then exploring the pattern when counting in 20, 50, 100 and 200, 500 and 1000. We also learnt a clever trick to find out if numbers are in the 3 times table. In topic, we created milk art using pastels and we continued learning about materials in science. On Thursday we had Sports Day, which was a fantastic outdoor event! The children had a wonderful time, running, throwing, taking part in relay races and using their golf techniques. There are lots of photos on our class page.

 15th June

It was DT week so we have been busy learning new skills to make some amazing objects! We learnt how to sew with wool and felt to create mini beasts, we stuffed them and decorated them. We also created a car with an axel system which was tricky but very fun! In Literacy, we have begun reading our new book called ‘On the way home’ and we’ll eventually write a new story based on this. Finally, in maths, we have been recapping estimation and finding numbers on a number line. On Friday, we had a class party with Birch class to celebrate Eid. The children wore traditional clothing or party clothes and we had some fun activities too.

 8th June

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely week off, resting for the last half term of this year! We began this week by researching the recycling process in Literacy and will finish the week by writing our own explanation text to explain the process. In maths, we have been recapping fractions and time by creating colourful flags. Now we have the new computing suite, we are back in there learning how to code using Purple Mash and we are still enjoying our circus topic.  

 25th May

Circus skills was definitely our favourite part of this week! We loved learning how to juggle, spin plates and balance a feather. We enjoyed learning from Matt, who told us to keep trying if we couldn't master a trick straight away! Afterwards, we had some free play where we could choose any item to perform tricks with. There are lots of photos on our class gallery. In topic, we used finger painting to create a clown's hair and bunch of balloons.

 18th May

Wow! We are so impressed with every single child this week. We're amazed at their hard work and effort they have all put into their SATs learning. They are all superstars and we couldn't feel more proud if we tried! In our free time, we have learnt more about the circus and looked at it from an aerial point of view. We discussed that a circus needs vans because they often travel around the country. We drew maps of our own circus and played a quiz afterwards to test our circus knowledge. In Science, we modelled play dough into objects made from every day materials.

 11th May

We’ve been so busy over the past week! Our favourite activity was learning more about the circus in Topic. We researched different acts in the circus, such as trapeze artists and ringmasters, then wrote about their role in our books. In Literacy, we have finished writing our stories about Traction Man and his new sidekick. The stories are absolutely fantastic! We loved reading them and hope to put lots on display. In Maths, we’ve been recapping number knowledge and capacity. Finally, in RE, we explored objects which are special to us and why they are special.

 4th May

We’ve written some fantastic stories this week about Traction Man and his new sidekick! We’re both so impressed with their writing and the features they’ve used! In RE, we have continued to learn about special objects and why they are special to us. We have loved going outside during PE this week, it’s been fantastic to play on the field and we hope to stay out there until summer!

 27th April

We’ve absolutely loved reading Traction Man and exploring the story this week. We created a new sidekick for Traction Man and designed a setting for them to meet. Next week, we will write an adventure story based on Traction Man and his new sidekick! Cedar class visited Wagamama this week and we had a fantastic time! We were able to weigh food and taste lots of new foods. At the end of the trip, we were given a meal to eat! It was amazing! During RE, we explored why books are special to us and we wrote about why a book might be special. Finally, in Topic, we’ve continued our learning surrounding the circus.

 20th April

What a beautiful week we have had! We hope you had a lovely break and are looking forward to another exciting term! We began the week by writing a recount of our Easter holidays, we discussed features of a recount and the structure. In maths, we explored how to use inverse to check our calculations.

 29th March

What a fun last week we've had!! This week, we have been learning about shapes in maths. We begun with 2D shapes and moved onto 3D shapes and their features. In Literacy, we wrote a book reveiw and used iPads to research the definition of words. On Wednesday, we wrote a set of instructions on how to catch the Easter bunny! Finally, on Thursday we had an Easter bonnet parade and an Easter egg hunt around school! It was so much fun!

 23rd March

We started the week off with an interesting visit from the Bug Encounter company! They brought in lots of different animals like spiders and snakes for us to look at and touch. We found it very interesting as we are researching the rainforest and lots of the animals are found in the rainforest. In maths we have been learning how to add, subtract, double, half and complete some tricky two step calculations! Finally, in literacy we have recapped the features of a letter and written two letters to rainbow fish characters.

 16th March

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! Last week was assessment week and we are always so proud of the children trying their best and concentrating through their assessments! In the afternoons, we created a fact file for a rainforest animal and in RE we learnt about Holi. This week, we will be researching deforestation and creating a tally for different plants around the local area.


 9th March

This first week has gone so quickly, we’ve been learning about time in maths including o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. In literacy, we looked at a poem called ‘Walking through the Jungle’ which we are going to innovate into ‘Swimming into the ocean’. In topic, we continued our fact files and researched the Qu’ran in RE.

 27th February

This first week has gone so quickly, we’ve been learning about time in maths including o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. In literacy, we looked at a poem called ‘Walking through the Jungle’ which we are going to innovate into ‘Swimming into the ocean’. In topic, we continued our fact files and researched the Qu’ran in RE.

 23rd February

Welcome back! This week has been our first week of focus groups for maths and literacy which is working brilliantly so far. All the children are being supported and targeted efficiently so we are really impressed with their learning. In the afternoons we go back to our normal classes and in topic, we’re going to create an animal fact file so this week we labelled features of a toucan fact file and in RE, we discussed special people and created symbols for them.

9th February

We began creating our own books this week which were based on The Rainbow Fish. We discussed that authors and illustrators would create a plan of the book before they began so we did exactly the same! After we planned each page, the children made their own book. In maths, we have been learning about fractions of shapes and numbers. We have been learning about which clothes to wear in the rainforest and we hope to create fact files for rainforest animals after half term!

 2nd February

It’s been assessment week this week and we are so proud of how well all the children are doing! They are all working so hard on each quiz and enjoying multi-cultural activities at the same time. We visited lots of different countries and still have more to visit at the end of the week! We have been to China and made special lanterns, we went to Africa and made tribal necklaces and finally, we visited Mexico and made Calacas. There are lots of photos in our album!

26th January

This week we created a new character for our underwater story and created them problems and solutions. We used adjectives to describe the characters and verbs with adverbs to describe what they are doing and how they are doing it. In maths, we counted in steps of 10 using multiplication facts. We researched seeds in Science and learnt about animals which live in the rainforest in Topic. We learnt the story of the Greedy Dog and discussed that you should be happy with what you already have in and we continued to code on iPads in Computing

 19th January

This week we wrote about our underwater adventure, where we met beautiful turtle, dolphins gliding and a terrifying shark! In Science, we kept our plant experiment updated and discussed why the cress is growing better in the sunlight. In maths, we’ve been learning about patterns, I wonder if you can spot any patterns over the next week outside of school? We’ve learnt about Minarets in RE and continued learning about the rainforest in topic.

 12th January

We have jumped straight back into learning since we’ve been back to school and the children are thoroughly enjoying the new Rainbow Fish story. We have been using the story to discuss inverted commas, speech and adjectives so far. In maths, we’ve concentrated on division using the 2, 5 and 10 times table. We’ve drawn arrays and learnt about repeated addition. In Science, we planted our own seeds for an experiment which explores the best conditions for a plant to grow and in Topic, we learnt about where rainforests are and why.


 5th January

Welcome back!! We have been learning how to count in steps of 5 and compelte multiplication facts for the 5 times table with missing numbers in maths. In Literacy, we began reading a story called 'The Rainbow Fish' and acted the story using a storymap to help up. We began to learn about The Rainforest in topic and watched a video to discuss what we may feel, hear, see and touch in the rainforest. We used books to help us research answers to questions which was great fun. In Science, we began to learn about plants and completed a fun iPad quiz to help us!

 8th December

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our upcoming nativity! We’re so excited to show you our singing and acting skills! Other than rehearsals, we’ve been learning how to count in steps of 2 in maths. In literacy, we’ve been focusing on the Great Fire of London and in Science we learnt about food chains.

 1st December

This week was assessment week and all the children were brilliant so well done to all of them! In our topic lessons we began to create St Paul’s Cathedral, during RE we made a Christingle for our festival of light exploration. We also researched Hanukkah and Hinduism. We also continued to learn how to code on the iPads.

 24th November

This week we have focused on poetry in our literacy learning by rewriting ‘London’s burning’ but replacing words so it is personal to us. We had so much fun rehearsing and performing our poems to the class! In maths, we have been using lots of rulers this week to measure different objects around the room. We began by measuring from zero but made it trickier by measuring objects from numbers other than zero! In topic, we pretended to be Sir Christopher Wren and designed a new St Paul’s Cathedral and in Science we continued our minion parachute experiment.

 17th November

This week we have written our own stories which follow a similar theme and The King and The Great Fire. We substituted our characters for some other well-known characters such as Elsa and Olaf or Spongebob and Patrick. They faced problems such as a flood or a storm and together they solve the problem! We had some fantastic stories so well done to all the children. In maths, we’ve continued to recap addition and subtraction. We will visit the cinema on Friday and will conduct a science experience which matches the film we’re seeing.

 10th November

This week we have continued to learn our talk for writing actions in literacy and have begun to learn how to use conjunctions and adjectives to extend our writing. In maths, we recapped addition and subtraction facts. We researched the life cycle of a chicken in Science and discussed what happened after the fire in Topic.

 3rd November

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely rest, ready for a busy half term! We began our first week with symmetry in maths, we painted animals and folded the paper to create a symmetrical animal. We also drew the other half of ourselves using a mirror. In Literacy, we read our new class book called ‘The King and the Great Fire’. We learnt our talk for writing actions and completed a story mountain. We learnt about the life cycle of a frog in Science and explored how we know about The Great Fire of London.

 20th October

This week was the last week before half term and we’ve been so busy! In literacy, we have been learning how to write a newspaper article about the burglar stealing jewels from the Duchess! It was maths week so we took part in lots of fun maths activities like painting with shapes, iPad games and a shape hunt! We continued to learn how to code in computing and learnt how to use tools to create our own Halloween pumpkin.

 15th October

This week was assessment week and all the children tried their best! We’re so impressed with all of them so well done. Other than assessment, we researched Tudor clothing in topic and compared them to clothes we wear today. In Computing, we played coding games on purple mash and in PSHE we discussed friendship. The children are thoroughly enjoying their PE lessons with Mr Duffin, they’ve been taking part in lots of different workout stations which have been great!

 6th October

This week we finished writing our story in Literacy by changing characters from The Giraffe, Pelly and Me to create a new story. In Maths, we focused on addition and subtraction. We learnt about inverse relationships and how adding two numbers together in any order will gain the same answer. In Science, we learnt about Mrs Nerg. During Computing, we painted pictures of The Great Fire of London using tools we learnt such as the box tool and straight lines. It is Black History Month so we researched Sir Trevor McDonald and role played as news readers using iPads.

 29th September

This week we continued our learning about place value in maths by partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We learnt how to partition in various ways and began to learn greater than and less than. In literacy, we drew a story map for The Giraffe, Pelly and Me and described the burglar in the story. During topic, begun to create Tudor houses and in science we explored microhabitats for minibeasts!


 22nd September


On Monday we visited the Museum of London to learn about the Great Fire of London. We began our trip by walking around the galleries which had artefacts and paintings from the 1600s. We saw what an oven would look like and how the houses would’ve been built. Afterwards, we took part in a London’s Burning workshop which consisted of telling the story through drama and looking at real life artefacts. We had an amazing time and on Friday we will draw a story map about our trip to London. In Literacy, we’ve continued to learn about sentence structure using The Giraffe, Pelly and Me. In Maths, we’ve begun to recap place value and in Science we drew local habitats.


 15th September

Wow, we’ve had such a busy first week! We’ve been learning how to write simple sentences with nouns, adjectives and verbs in Literacy. We’ve been writing sentences about pictures in our books and changing the adjectives and verb each time. In Maths, we’ve focused on ordering numbers, counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 and sequencing. In Science, we began to learn how to differentiate between living and non-living objects and in Topic, we’ve learnt how the Great Fire of London began and what has changed since the fire. We sorted pictures of then and now in our books. In PSHE, we discussed friendships and how to solve friendship troubles, finally we enjoyed our first lesson of music with Mrs Mills.

 8th September

Welcome to Year 2! We have enjoyed our first few days as Cedar class and being the top of Key Stage 1. In literacy, we began to learn our new talk for writing story based on a Roald Dahl story called 'The Giraffe, Pelly and Me'. We learnt actions and created a word bank for each character. In maths, we've been learning how to calculate 1 more and 1 less which was extended into 5 more and 5 less and 10 more and 10 less. In Art, we painted self portraits for a display in our corridor and we wrote about our summer holidays!