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Weekly News

 Week beginning 14th January 2019

We have had an exciting week looking at the role of The Police, we have made "Wanted" posters and finger prints. Some of the children were able to go and see real life Police officers when they came into school this week, they even brought in a Police Dog which was a great surprise.

Our art sessions were very messy as the children used their hands and feet to paint with!!

In maths we looked at day and night and the children participated in a activity where they had to decide what they did during the day and at night.

Please take a look at our photo's.

 Week beginning 21st January 2019

Our topic this week has been the role of the Fire Fighter, we dressed up and played in the pop up fire engine and we also made our own using a big box and lots of red paint. We made split pin Firemen and put them up on our classroom wall to show everybody our good work.

In literacy we have continued  to learn our letter sounds and the children made marks and drew letters on the big white board. We also learnt the Five Little Fire Fighters song using Makaton signs and it was great to see the adults joining in too!!

Im maths we looked at big and small and the children used real props to see the difference between the two sizes, Preet looked great in my BIG coat! We also looked at capacity through water and measured using the vocabulary of full and empty, most of the water ended up on the classroom floor but the children had fun while they were learning.

P.E. was to travel across the apparatus in different ways and if you look at our pictures of the week you can see all of the children doing that.

But the most fun we had was getting messy during sensory play.

Next week we will be looking at the role of The Dentist.

 Week beginning 4th February 2019

Thai week we have been reading "Commotion in the Ocean" and looking at what animals live in the sea. We made a lovely display of our work which included paintings of a Dolphin, Penguin and a Sea Turtle. We also made Jelly Fish out of card and crepe paper for the tentacles. We played in the sand and made sand castles, we also made sand pictures.

For our topic of "People Who Help Us" our focus this week was the Postman, so we looked at "The Jolly Postman" book together and made our own letter to send home. We took our letters to the local post box to post home. We all enjoyed the brisk walk in the sunshine.

Next week our focus will be money and the Baker's shop.

 Week Beginning 25th February 2019

The book that we have been focussing on this week was "The Hungry Caterpillar", we made pictures of caterpillar's by using our hands, we also made symmetrical butterflies. We looked at and tasted all of the fruit from the story. Some of us liked the plums but the most popular was the strawberries.  We have also enjoyed sensory play and making sand castles in the sand.


Week Beginning 4th March 2019


This week in Ash Class we have been reading "Tich" and looking at big and small. We planted seeds just like Tich did in the story and used both big and little pots for our seeds.

On Tuesday we joined up with Maple Class to make pancakes and I found out how to toss pancakes without hitting the ceiling or dropping them, some of the children were very impressed and also managed to do the same.

World Book Day was a great success and all of the children and adults dressed up and we all took part in the parade.

Fola had a great time in Forest School with one of the year one classes, he looked for insects with a magnifying glass and really enjoyed the hot chocolate with the other children.

Next week we will be reading "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Jasper's Beanstalk" and will be looking at different parts of a plant and also planting our own beanstalks.

Please take a look at our pictures of our week.


 Week Beginning 11th March 2019

This weeks story of "Jasper's Beanstalk" was a great success, the children really enjoyed the story. The children measured different objects with unifix cubes to see which one was the biggest.

The weather hasn't been very kind this week bue we still managed  some outdoor learning and when it was too wet we got out all of our sensory activities and had a great time in the classroom.

P.E. sessions are going well and the children are gaining more confidence week after week, some of the children can now travel over the apparatus independently.

We had a good music session today with some new ideas I learnt from a music course I went on at Marjorie McClure school this week.

Please take a look at this weeks photos.