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Week Beginning 7th September 2020

This was our first full week back in school, we got to know each other during the first three days of last week. We are all very happy to see our friends again after being away for so long.

The whole school has been looking at a book called The Lost Words, this is all about words which we don’t use as much anymore so they are being lost. The book is a ‘spell book’ to remind us of the words. Some of the words we have been looking at are squirrel, acorn, heron, hedgehog and blackbird, we have described these animals etc and written a sentence about them and we are making a class book of our best work.

Im maths we have been looking at the order of numbers up to 20 and have played games where I have stolen or muddled up the numbers and the children have had to fix the number line. They really enjoyed this game and next week we will be looking at 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

We also voted in a School Council representative and a Class Ambassador and I am pleased to tell you that Annie is now our School Council representative and Archie is our Class Ambassador.

I think that we were all tired by Friday but enjoyed our first week together.

Week Beginning 14th September 2020

This week we continued working with the book "The Lost Words", we matched pictures to words, decided what foods we liked and disliked, this included spinach, parsnip, mint, cauliflower, leeks, rhubarb and blackberries. Most of the children liked the blackberries best but there were a few surprises as some children liked the spinach.

We also used the fruit and vegetables to paint some of the lost words from the book. All of the children enjoyed using these items rather than a paintbrush.

In maths we have looked at numbers to 100 and have also been putting numbers in order again. 

My personal favourite activity this week has been asking the children what they want to be when they grow up. We had a varied range of occupations including a tooth fairy, footballer, artist, designer and my favourite.... a Paleontologist!!! I had to look up how to spell it!!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for making this week great. Mrs Dale