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Tree of Success

Celebrating successes across the curriculum. 


Finley for doing brilliant Maths.

Lucian for writing a brilliant story in English.

Amy for doing amazing multiplication in Maths.

Jayme for working hard in all subjects and having a fantastic first week at Poverest.

Haniya for doing fantastic addition and cracking the code in our Maths game.

Darcey for creating a fantastic sketch of St Paul's Cathedral in Art.

Lillie for working very hard and doing well in English and Maths.

Nate for writing a fantastic diary entry.

India for writing some amazing adjectives!

Jessica for doing brilliantly at adding and subtracting in Maths.

Lucy for working very hard and doing brilliantly in Maths.

Alfred for creating an excellent storyboard.

Ethan for improving his handwriting.



Taylor for finding different ways to add amounts of money.

Theodore for writing brilliant multiplication sums in Maths!

Fred for his fantastic setting description. His handwriting and spelling have improved so much!

Holly for writing an amazing version of the Rainbow Fish.

Alex for working very hard to improve his handwriting, and producing work that is much easier to read.

Tom for doing excellent work in Maths, using the < and > symbols correctly.

Elina for writing a brilliant shape poem about Christmas.

Jack for writing an amazing diary entry on the Great Fire of London.

Fred for writing a fantastic newspaper report on the Great Fire of London.

Mariam for producing an amazing setting description.

Emma for working very hard and doing amazing addition in Maths.

Bobby for working very hard, trying his best and completing his work independently.

Bonny-May for producing a wonderful piece of writing on the Great Fire of London.

Becky for her amazing resilience and positive attitude.

Jubril for working very hard in all areas of learning and trying his best.

Dimitar for excellent reading. He received 100% on most of his Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Amelia-Mae for writing an amazing recount of the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London.

Lauren for creating a fantastic story map in Literacy.



 Harlee for his marvellous maths!

Teya for settling into her first week

 Charlotte for her eagerness to learn

 Olivia for her brilliant attitude

 Tyler for his eagerness to learn

Mia for always being helpful

Lucas for his amazing concentration

Samuel for having such a wonderful learning day

Freddie for his brilliant coding skills

Charlotte for being so helpful

Finnley for settling in so well

Chloe and Gracie-May for trying the challenge sheet in maths