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Week Beginning 6th July

This week the children continued to learn their phonics sounds and tricky words. They read their favourite books and used Busy Things to play maths and language games.


Week Beggining 29nd June

This week the children had another music lesson from BYMT and had lots of dancing and had lots of different dancing activities to do.

They watched Mr Tumble and Signing Hands were they can watch and learn sign language.


Week Beginning 22nd June

This week the children focused on shapes and were asked to go on a shape hunt around their home and they watched shape songs on the BBC website and on youtube.

They also went on a shape hunt outside when out walking or in the garden. They drew pictures using different shapes and colours. A few suggestions  were a house, the garden or a spaceship.


Week Beginning 15th June

This week the children had a different Maths Challenge every day. They completed activities and games on Busy Things, went for a walk to find the numbers on the doors and I asked them to tell me the highest number that they found. They also counted out how many different toys they had and made a den so they could go on an adventure with their teddy bear.


Week Beginning 8th June 

This weeks book was Dear Zoo and the children completed sentences from the story and then chose which animals they would like to turn up at their home. They made models of animals from play dough and made animal noises. I also asked them to login to live webcams of animals and look up and Google for information about their favourite animal.

They practised Jolly Phonics every day and also brushed their teeth after lunch using the Brush Bus song to help.


Week Beginning 1st June

The topic this Half Term is “Our Favourite Books” so I have been thinking about mine and a few of my favourites are “Titch” “Whatever Next!”, “Bear Hunt” and “Commotion in the Ocean”. We will be looking at one book  each week, if you have a particular favourite please let me know and we might be able to look at those too.


Week Beginning 18th May

This week was Mental Health Week and one of the topics was “Time to Talk” and I asked all of the adults to take some time out for themselves and to make a phone call, text or face time someone they care about and have a little chat.

The children looked at nursery rhymes and played in water using different containers and looked at empty, full and half full. They joined in with the BYMT session and I also asked them to make their own musical instruments using saucepans or anything else they could find.

Week Beginning 11th May

This week the children looked at The Gingerbread Man.

They revised their Phonics through using the Jolly Phonics songs and also looked at the "Tricky Words" again this was done through a song which the children really engage with. They read the story of The Gingerbread Man and used the repetition  to re tell  the story by making a story map and labelling what they drew.

For their maths learning they made Gingerbread men by measuring the ingredients. One child sent me a picture of a Gingerbread Man missing his legs before her mum had a chance to take a picture of him!!

The children were asked to draw or paint a picture of a Gingerbread Man and to re write the story using different characters.

A music lesson was provided by Bromley Youth Music Trust online and the link was given to all of the children.




Week Beginning 4th May

This week we will be looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Monday 4th

Watch Jolly Phonics and practice the sounds together, write them down on the whiteboard. After the song choose a couple of sounds and write down a word that begins with each sound.

The Department of Education has released their own phonics lesson on YouTube, which they will be posting everyday at 10am.  I will put up the DfE link so that you can choose which one to watch.

Watch Little Red Riding Hood on

Bromley Youth Music Trust have released some music lessons which are great for your children, please log on and do today’s music lesson.

This afternoon after Brush Bus read a book together and then see if you can do THE SOCK CHALLENGE!

How many socks can you put on in 30 seconds?

Set yourselves a timer and try a few times to get your best score.

When you’re happy with your score let me know what it was and I can then let you know who the winner was! 

Good luck everyone 🤞🏻


Tuesday 5th

Watch Jolly Phonics phase 2 and 3 then watch DFE phonics lesson.

Re - read Little Red Riding Hood then logon to Busy Things, Reception, Traditional Tales and watch the story and then complete the What’s Next? Activity.

For Maths go into Busy Things, Reception, then choose Space and Measures and then select the game Block-a-doodle-do.


Brush Bus.

Mr Haylock has requested that the whole school choose a favourite book to read in their favourite place and take a picture to post on Dojo. I will then post them on school story for all to see.


Wednesday 6th 

Jolly Phonics as per Tuesday.

Draw a story map of the story - I will put an example on Dojo for you to have a look at. Have a go at writing the words to go on the map.

Have a dance around to “Shake your sillies out” Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and finish off with the Tooty Ta song. 


Brush Bus.

Sign onto Twinkl and download the Little Red Riding Hood addition sheets and complete as many as you can. If you cannot do this then make up some simple addition sums like the example on Dojo.



Good Morning, it’s a beautiful day today so maybe go for a walk some time today.


Jolly Phonics as per yesterday, again please don’t worry about repeating the same activities as repetition is essential in learning letter sounds. Then watch “Tricky Words” song and then practice writing the words.

Using your word map and story map have a go at writing the Little Red Riding Hood Story.I will send a copy of my story map for you to get some ideas from.



Brush Bus

Watch some number songs together then log onto Busy Things and complete a couple of maths activities.

Then if you still have the energy, sign into LGFL and search for PB Bear and follow his adventures.


Friday 8th

Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, I know that this is a difficult concept for your child but please watch this short video together and then make some bunting to put in your window to mark the anniversary.

I would then like you to think about what you would put in the basket if you were Red Riding Hood. You could draw/craft or maybe use playdough to show what you would put in the basket. Can you write down what is in your basket?



Brush Bus

Have a picnic with some of your favourite food.

Wekk Beginning 27th April

Accordion content


Listen to Jolly Phonics songs phase 2 and 3 then practice writing letter sounds on the whiteboard.

Write the story of the Three Little Pigs together, concentrate on the three houses and what the pigs and wolf say.



Brush Bus.

Google “Debbie and Friends” and find the Three Little Pigs song to sing together. You will also find other songs too.

Play hide and seek with a favourite toy.

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