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Week beginning 1st November 2021

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Week beginning 11th October 2021

Over the last month, Holly Class have been celebrating Black History Month. This week, we tried to imagine how Rosa Parks might have felt by creating our own bus but only allowing certain members of the class to sit down (without any reason). This helped us understand what inequality felt like. We also discussed the successes of Maggie Aderin-Pocock and listened to influential black musicians in our music lesson. 

Week beginning 4th October 2021 

This week, our focus has been on the weather (particularly the wind). In Design and Technology, we finished our windmills and tested that the sails spun in the wind. Also,  we made 'windsocks' in science using recycled plastic bottles and ribbons. We took the windsocks outside and used them to measure the direction and strength of the wind. The results were recorded on a Beaufort scale! 

Week beginning 27th September 2021

Holly Class have been continuing to learn about seasonal change in their science lessons. This week we took our lesson outside and used the 'Now Press Play' headphones. The children were able to experience all four seasons by listening to an adventure story about a naughty rabbit who stole the 'season clock'!

Week beginning 20th September 2021

This week the children in Holly Class have been working very hard learning their 10 timetables. The children have been counting forwards and backwards between numbers 0- 100 and have been able to create their own 100 squares! In History, we have been learning about Mary Seacole and her herbal remedies. We tried them ourselves by 'healing' our classmates using aloe vera, lemon and ginger; we even created our own herbal remedies!

Week beginning 13th September 2021 

This week in science, we have been learning all about the months of the year, the four seasons and the different types of weather we see in each season. As well as observing the weather each morning, we have drawn pictures using chalk pastels to represent each season. This week we have also taken great pride in celebrating the successes in Holly Class. We have given out certificates for star of the week, mathletics, spellings and reading. Keep up the great work Holly Class!

Week beginning 6th September 2021

Our first week back at school has flown by in Holly Class! The children have been settling into their new routine and completing lots of different activities during 'carousel'. 'Carousel' consists of spending 20 minutes on one activity before moving to the next one. This week in 'carousel' the children have been writing sentences, playing maths games, practising number formation and creating patterns! It has been a great week, and we are all looking forward to the year ahead!