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Class News

11th October 

This week we celebrated Black History Month and all of our English lessons were based around famous and influential people. We learnt all about why Rosa Parks was important and how her actions changed people's lives, creating a fact file about her. We also listened and read poems by Benjamin Zephiniah - we loved Talking Turkeys and Funky Chicken! We created our own poems and tried our best to rhyme. We looked at the portrait of Michelle Obama painted by Amy Sherald and painted our Sherald inspired pictures using influential black people that we know. At the end of the week we learnt about Dr Katherine Johnson and watch Hidden Figures!

4th October

This week we created our own Ice Palace story changing the characters and what the villain stole. We designed our own characters and created a whole plan before setting to work on our own stories. We have enjoyed learning about how fossils are formed during our Science lessons and even got to create our own fossils using shells! We can't wait to take them home!  In Maths we are still reviewing how to add and subtract slowly taking away the practical resources as we do. We still love improving our football skills with Mr Duffin and playing dodgeball with Mr Haylock! 

27th September

This week we have continued to build on our adding and subtracting skills through numberlines, Dienes and partitioning. We are getting really good at it now! English has been especially fun as we have created dramatic freeze frames based on our story depicting how the villagers might react when the evil villain Starjik comes to the village in Winter. We also created our own Starjik themed games which we based our instruction writing on. We had our first practical DT lesson where we made our very own fruit kebabs using fruits from different climates. Our favourite part was eating them! 

20th September 

As our book 'How to Live Forever' came to a close we have started a new story called 'The Ice Palace'! We explored wilderness scenes and created a class wilderness poem as well as painted our own wilderness scenes. We have explored how to write different amounts of money using our place value money mats. During our computing lessons we have explored what digital devices are and how they help us in our day-to-day lives.

13th September

During this week Birch class enjoyed using giant number lines to plot 2-digit and 3-digit numbers to help us understand the place value of each number. During our Science we explored the 3 main categories of rocks and how they are formed. We have continued to read our class story where our main character met the Ancient Child who we then created a description for using expanded noun phrases. During our Music lessons we have begun to learn how to play the recorder!

6th September

It was our first full week in school, and we were very busy! We started a new class story 'How to Live Forever' and discussed the pros and cons of living forever. We also learnt what an expanded noun phrase was and used them to describe a picture from the book! In our Maths lessons we recapped how to represent 2-digit numbers using Dienes and then moved on to 3-digit numbers - we were very good at it! We have also started to look at how to place numbers on a blank numberline. We had our first Music lesson where we are starting to learn how to play the recorder and also had so much fun playing dodgeball with Mr Haylock! 

August 30th

Birch class had a great week settling into year 3! We loved catching up with our friends and settling into our new routine. We thought about our personal targets this year, drew pictures of our Summer holiday and wrote about each picture. 

During our afternoons we enjoyed participating in our whole school wellbeing Art project where we used pastels to draw different types of flowers, used colour and shape to portray different emotions and make our own emotional wellness superhero dolls!