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Class News

Week 1 

Welcome to Fir news. We made a variety of wellbeing arts and crafts. There were character superheroes, 'Who am I' sticks and feeling masks. Please do look at Fir Photo Gallery to view the beautiful pieces.

Week 2

We have completed our first full week back at school and are getting used to the new expectations for Year 4. We have a whole new set of topics to learns about. For example, in Science we are exploring Animals including Humans. We began by matching and identifying human teeth and identifying their different functions. In literacy, we are studying a new book called 'Tuesday'. The children have been detectives and have enjoyed conducting interviews with characters from the book. In History, we have started to learn about the Anglo-Saxons.

Week 3

In Literacy, we are continuing to explore the book 'Tuesday'. We have been identifying the features of a newspaper and have begun to write our own sections based on the book. In Science, we have begun an enquiry to find out which liquid will cause the most tooth decay? We have been exploring Hinduism, looking particularly at Brahman. In art, we made willow pattern plates basing the story on Tuesday. In Maths, we have consolidated our learning of place value. We continued to learn more about the Internet, routers and networks. We have also been studying the different roles and jobs within school and how they all help us to learn.

Week 4 

In RE, we were learning what Moksha means and how Hindu's want to achieve it. In Science, we wrote our conclusion on our enquiry into which liquid causes the most tooth decay and were a little surprised at the results. In Art, we made soap sculptures based on the abstract work of Barbara Hepworth. We have started to look at using the column method in Maths and the children have been very enthusiastic about learning this. For PSHE, we studied the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). In Computing, we have been learning about domains.

WeeK 5 

We have finished our book 'Tuesday' by completing our newspaper reports. In Art, we studied the work of Paul Cezanne and attempted to emulate some of his style and work. We particularly focussed on colour mixing - using primary colours to make secondary colours. In RE, we were learning more about Hindu Gods and Goddesses and identifying which Gods Hindus pray to and for what purpose. In History, we explored Anglo-Saxon settlements and what basic needs would you need to have in a settlement. We have been learning about halving and doubling in Maths and finished the week by exploring multiplication. In Science, we were learning about the digestive system and identifying the organs that are involved in the process.

Week 6 

We have started a new book this week called 'Varmints'. We have been learning about adding adverbials, fronted adverbials and contrasting conjunctions. In Maths, we have been learning to use a multiplication grid and multiplication and division facts. In Art, we have been using a range of pencils from F to 6B, in our still-life drawings. We carried out a science experiment which replicated the digestive system, using tights (intestine) orange juice (stomach acids), crackers and a banana — it was rather messy! In RE, we learnt more about one particular Hindu God — Krishna. We explored how Hindus celebrated his birthday with a festival called Janmashtani.