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Week 7


Week 6

This week we concluded on our English book 'Ice Palace', we created a prequel story following the storyline from 'Ice Palace', but changing the characters and the problem in the story to create a new adventure. In Science, we have continued our learning about 'Rocks' by exploring different types of fossils and how they are formed. We have also carried out experiments to see what types of rock allow water to pass through. In Computing this week, we took the lesson outside and looked at how messages are sent from one device to another. We became the devices, wires and server and from this we learnt how the message passes to the device that we selected. 

Week 5

Over the last couple of weeks in Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction. The children have all been working incredibly hard and showing off their maths learning from year 2. In RE this term we are focusing on 'Christianity', we have looked at the importance of Jesus, recounting the story of Jesus calling the 12 disciples and exploring the Christian denomination. This term in Music the children are learning how to play the recorder, so they can perform a tune by the end of the autumn term. In DT this term, we are looking at seasonal foods, we were able to make a fruit kebab by using fruits that would be found in the autumn. 

Week 4

This week in English, we started our next book 'Ice Palace', we were excited to see where the adventure would take us. We have been busy the past couple of weeks in Computing as we have been looking at how devices work, what makes up a digital device and how they help us in day to day life. All the children have been enjoying their PE lessons so far this term as they have been taking part in football lessons with Mr Duffin and learning how to play Dodgeball with Mr Haylock, but most importantly learning how to work in teams and support each other through the lessons. We have also been creative this term in our Art lessons by looking at different artists and the techniques that they use to create their pieces of art. We have used the same techniques that the artists use to create their works of art to help us create our piece of art. 

Week 3 

We have been working extremely hard in Beech Class this week! We carried on exploring our book in English by exploring the secrets that the book withholds. In Maths, we carried on plotting 2 and 3-digit numbers on a number line before ending the week with recognising place value in money and comparing amounts of money. In Science, we are exploring the topic 'Rocks', we learnt about the different types of rocks that can be found in the UK and then grouped them into the correct categories. In History, we are looking at the 'Romans', we have already created a timeline and started to look at the ruling system. 

Week 2

This week in Beech Class we have been very busy with our learning. In English, we started our new book 'How to live forever' and predicted what the book might be about and writing pros and cons on whether we would want to live forever. We explored the book further and discovered the book might be dangerous, so we created a poster encouraging people to return the book and not to look inside. In Maths, we have been looking at place value. We started the week with partitioning 2 and 3-digit numbers, before moving onto plotting 2-digit numbers on a number line from smallest to largest.  

Week 1

This week in Beech Class we have had lots of fun getting to know each other through a variety of pirate themed tasks. The children created a pirate passport where they wrote about themselves and also a wanted poster explaining all their likes and dislikes. 

Also, this week we have been creating pieces of art focusing on wellbeing. The children enjoyed creating a range of art pieces.