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Class News

Autumn Term, Week 7

This week we have completed our work around the book 'Lost words'. We have investigated the meanings of different words which are no longer used commonly in the English language. We then researched our own endangered British animal and wrote a free verse poem in the style of 'Raven' about our animal, focussing on alliteration and onomatopoeia. 

To accompany our poems we created a series of water colour images of our endangered animal.

We also took part in crazy hair day on Friday to raise money for the FOP. 

Autumn Term, Week 6

In English we have continued our work on Macbeth and developed our character descriptions of Lady Macbeth, ensuring that we conveyed her character traits to the reader through our descriptions. 

This week in maths we continued to work on our multiplication skills, using long multiplication. We applied our skills in a variety of different contexts to ensure that our knowledge was secure. 

As part of our PSHE work we looked at homelessness and discussed the things in life which are wants and things which are needs. We debated our points and created a venn diagram to show our different wants and needs. 

Autumn Term, Week 5

This week was a little different with Miss Preston teaching virtually from home. However, we all continued to work incredibly hard. 

In English we completed research on famous black musicians and their achievements. We created our own PowerPoints and then created a script for a talk show interviewing our famous person in order to share their achievements. 

In maths we consolidated our knowledge of short division, working with larger numbers and then applying our skills to a variety of word problems.

Autumn Term, Week 4

In English we have focused on poetry this week looking at the witches spell in Macbeth. We created our own potion ideas with a combination of animal parts which we wanted to include. We followed the rhyming structure of the poem to include rhyming cuplets.

This week for PSHE and Science we learnt a very important life skill.... First Aid. Part of the course included learning what to do in an emergency; how to perform CPR and how to treat, bumps, bleeds and burns.

Autumn Term, Week 3 

Science this week we focused on the composition of the blood, we learnt about all the different components and why they are important. We then created our own blood composition using sweets to represent the different cells and honey to represent the plasma.

Autumn Term, Week 2

In maths this week we focused on our key number skills through place value. We applied our skills in a variety of different contexts to check our understanding.We began looking out our key text in English 'Macbeth'. 
The creation story is our focus in RE and we began by looking at the Christian creation story, we then retold the story using a story board.

Autumn Term, Week 1

What a fantastic first week!
The children have all settled back into the new routines really well.

In English we recapped our knowledge of autobiography and wrote our own autobigraphy thinking carefully about our lives so far.