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Class News

Autumn Week 12

This week we have been learning Merry Christmas in Spanish - Feliz Navidad - to perform in a 'virtual' carol concert with the rest of the school.

In Topic, having made our own 'Biomes in a bag', we explored photosynthesis and the water cycle on our windowsill!  During a very enthusiastic P4C (Philosophy for Children) session, we asked the question "Has Christmas lost its meaning?".  After much debate, we decided that in our families, it had not as we all valued the importance of family time and being together during the festive period far more than receiving presents.

Science lessons have enabled us to investigate the function of DNA and relate this to our eye colour home learning where we surveyed our family members and learned about inheritance.

Autumn Term Week 1 1 

This week we celebrated Diwali by taking part in a Diwali dance workshop, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We also took part in 'No Pens Wednesday' when we put down our pens for the day and practised and developed our performance skills. As part of our work on 'The Arrival' in English, we thought about how difficult it would be to communicate to others if you visited a new and unfamiliar place which didn't speak your language. We then learnt sign language and performed the song  'Blinded by your Grace'.

Autumn Term Week 1 0 

This week we supported anti bullying week by wearing odd socks to school on Monday. We also created our anti bullying poster in PSHE which the school council will use in their anti bullying school leaflet. 

As this week was also geography week we focused our work around the book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. We looked at the theme from the book and created our own promises. We then looked more closely at plastic pollution and how we could create our own picture book to promote our message of ending plastic pollution. We created illustrated stories for KS1 to spread our promise and message to end plastic pollution.

Autumn Term Week 9 

In our topic work this week we used our maths skills to plot the locations of earthquakes on a map using co-ordinates. We were then able to see along which fault lines the earthquakes occurred. 

In maths we took part in the TT Rocks maths week battle and came 4th in the school for the coins we had earned. 

In English we began to look at 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. We began by looking at his story of the Lost Thing and exploring how we are all unique and individual before completing out letters 'Dear Wonderful You' for the Arts Mark celebration week. 

We also created some fantastic silhouette art work for Remembrance Day. We blended pastels together to create a sunset backdrop before painting the silhouette in the foreground. 

Autumn Term Week 8  

English- This week we have been reporting on the murder of King Duncan in Macbeth. We took on the role of journalists and interviewed an eye witness - a witch who had seen the murder in her crystal ball. We then used our knowledge of newspaper reports to construct our own headlines and newspaper article, embedding our quotes within it. 

Maths- We have continued our fabulous work on fractions this week and have worked on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We then answered a variety of questions where we had to add and subtract fractions in different contexts. 

Topic- this half term we are continuing our work on 'Earth Matters' and this week we looked at the structure of the Earth and how the different layers are constructed. This will help us next week when we learn all about earthquakes.

Autumn Term Week 7 

This week we have completed our work around the book 'Lost Words'. We have investigated the meanings of different words which are no longer used commonly in the English language. We then researched our own endangered British animal and wrote a free verse poem in the style of 'Raven' about our animal, focussing on alliteration and onomatopoeia. 

To accompany our poems we created a series of water colour images of our endangered animal.

We also took part in crazy hair day on Friday to raise money for the FOP. 

Autumn Term Week 6 

In English we have continued our work on Macbeth and developed our character descriptions of Lady Macbeth, ensuring that we conveyed her character traits to the reader through our descriptions. 

This week in maths we continued to work on our multiplication skills, using long multiplication. We applied our skills in a variety of different contexts to ensure that our knowledge was secure. 

As part of our PSHE work, we looked at homelessness and discussed the things in life which are wants and things which are needs. We debated our points and created a Venn diagram to show our different wants and needs. 

Autumn Term Week 5 

In English - to celebrate Black Histyory Month, we completed research on famous black musicians and their achievements. We created our own PowerPoints and then wrote a script for a talk show interviewing our famous person in order to share their achievements. 

In maths we consolidated our knowledge of short division, working with larger numbers and then applying our skills to a variety of word problems.

Autumn Term Week 4 

In English we have focused on poetry this week looking at the witches spell in Macbeth. We created our own potion ideas with a combination of animal parts which we wanted to include. We followed the rhyming structure of the poem to include rhyming cuplets.

This week for PSHE and Science we learnt a very important life skill... First Aid. Part of the course included learning what to do in an emergency; how to perform CPR and how to treat, bumps, bleeds and burns.

Autumn Term Week 3 

In Science this week we focused on the composition of the blood, we learnt about all the different components and why they are important. We then created our own blood composition using sweets to represent the different cells and honey to represent the plasma - finally 'eating' our blood creations.

Autumn Term Week 2

In maths this week we focused on our key number skills through place value. We applied our skills in a variety of different contexts to check our understanding. We began looking out our key text in English 'Macbeth'. 
The creation story was our focus in RE and we began by looking at the Christian creation story, we then retold the story using a story board.

Autumn Term Week 1 

What a fantastic first week!
The children have all settled back into the new routines really well.

In English we recapped our knowledge of autobiography and wrote our own autobiography thinking carefully about our lives so far.