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Class News


Autumn Term 1, Week 8 

A HUGE THANK YOU for being so generous with your harvest donations! Bromley Food Bank will be overwhelmed with the enormous amount of donations received. I can't tell you how thankful we are for your kindness. 

Wow! The last week of Autumn term 1 already! We can't believe how quickly the time has flown. We have really enjoyed our last week as we have focused on Black History Month for our afternoon activities. We learnt about Mae Jemison and Alma Thomas who are two important figures in History and Science. We watched videos all about them, read stories and thoroughly enjoyed the activities to match both women. We really enjoyed recreating Alma's artwork, we used fingers to imitate her spiral painting. 

We finished 'Send for a Superhero' this week which was such a superb book! We loved creating a new superhero to help beat Filth and Vacuum. However, this week we received a slimy envelope from Filth and Vacuum asking us to design a new villain to help them to conquer the town! We really enjoyed creating new villains, drawing them and writing about their powers.

Autumn Term 1, Week 7  

Winners!!! Congratulations Holly Class for winning the school helmet competition!

It feels like we have fit so much into this week, we never have a minute to spare!! We have been learning how to subtract in maths this week and we finished the week playing subtraction games which we really enjoyed. We began reading our new story which is called 'Send for a Superhero' in English and we met the two baddies - Vacuum and Filth! We designed superheros to stop them from destroying the world.

We learnt all about Florence Nightingale this week, we thoroughly enjoyed watching a video about her and we sorted pictures into things which Florence removed (rats, dirty clothes etc) and introduced (clean water, medicine etc). We learnt all about Harvest for RE, hibernation in Science and continued with Self Portraits in Art!

Autumn Term 1, Week 6 

Such a fun and very creative week in Holly Class! We wrote our own stories based on Orion and the Dark. We changed the main character, their fears and the adventures they went on. In maths, we've been learning how to partition numbers to create number bonds (eg 2 + 8 = 10). Our main focus in art is self portraits, we used drawing lines on a face to help us place our main facial features and the end result was amazing!! We also did a self portrait on the iPads using Purple Mash. We learnt about medicine in Topic, learning that a trusted adult should be the only one giving us medicine and how to tell the difference between medicine and sweets!

Autumn Term 1, Week 5 

We have had a lovely week in Holly Class. We finished reading 'Orion and the Dark' which was a great story - we were so pleased that Orion managed to beat his fear of the dark. We had such a fun activity for our healthy eating topic, we played a game of fruit salad (please see the photos) and turned into food detectives. We went on a fruit and vegetable hunt outside to find and name all the foods! In Art, we have begun learning how to draw a self portrait by drawing one half of our face!

Autumn Term 1, Week 4 

Another wonderful week in Holly Class! We have really enjoyed reading our new story 'Orion and the Dark'. We found out that Orion is afraid of many things but he is petrified of the dark! This week, we wrote notes to tell him how he could get over his fears. In maths, we've been ordering numbers and counting amounts of objects. We had another successful Hive game on Spelling Shed this week, we are so impressed with the high scores which lots of children are achieving. We loved learning about all the different types of clouds - although many of them have tricky names, we learnt a rhyme to remember them all and painted each cloud. Afterwards, we went outside and cloud spotted. It was very relaxing!

Autumn Term 1, Week 3 

The time is going so quickly in Holly Class!

We really enjoyed trying new foods this week! We tried parsnip, cauliflower, leek, spinach, mint and berries. We loved the berries and the cauliflower and we were so impressed that the children tried the leek (despite it's strong smell). Afterwards, we wrote about the food we liked, the food we disliked and words to describe the food. 

In maths, we have been doing lots of outdoor learning! We had a mini sports day for the toys in our class to learn about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and we created a giant bead string to learn about to place numbers on a number line. 

We had an amazing computing activity, the children logged onto Spelling Shed to play their first hive game (which we loved) and logged onto Purple Mash to paint a picture, save it and change our avatars! We were really impressed.


Autumn Term 1, Week 2 

Our first full week as Holly class and we have filled it with such exciting activities! 

This week, we have continued to read and learn about 'The Lost Words'. We discovered new lost words which were: acorn, bluebell, heron, otter, magpie, hedgehog and many more. We began the week by playing a guessing game with clues and drawing which lost word we thought was being described. We wrote AMAZING 'I am...' poems, which will be going on a display. On Friday, we sorted the lost words into birds, animals and nature. In maths, we've been counting and estimating. The best activity of the week was going into our outdoor area and counting how many of our lost words animal we could spot. We estimated how many there were in the group and then counted the actual number. Our afternoons have also been filled with fun activities! We designed a medal for Mary Seacole, we sorted the months of the year into seasons, decorated one of our lost words and wrote about things we are thankful for. One of the most impressive things we did this week was going onto the iPads for the first time! We had so much fun!

Autumn Term 1, Week 1

Welcome back to school! We are so excited to be back at school and have had so much fun already. On Wednesday, we spent the day getting to know each other and our routine. We made crayons for our first class display and created our class charter so we have all agreed on how to make our classroom a happy place to be! On Thursday, we had our first lessons. We loved English as we talked about animals in nature and was able to draw them too! We played games in maths and showed off our impressive skills. We have had a fantastic first week back and can't wait for more!