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Class News


Autumn 1

In English we started the year looking at the text 'Lost Words' where we explored how words were being lost in our daily vocabulary. The book consisted of different poems that spoke about words which are lost. We created our own Yoruba poem and acrostic poems for other words that are being lost in our everyday vocabulary. After this we started our new text 'Tuesday'. We got to become detectives as the creatures in the story cause havoc across the small village and even left slime around the classroom. We carried out a police report on the strange occurrences and got to 'hot seat' some of the witnesses from the scene. When we collected enough information we created a newspaper report to discuss with the local people what had happened.

In Maths we started the year by recapping on our knowledge of place value, looking at different operations to achieve the answer using addition and subtraction. We then moved onto doubling and halving, before being introduced to the grid method for multiplication. Lastly, we looked at time and recapping our knowledge of the 12 and 24 hour clock. 

In Science we started our topic 'Animals Including Humans' where we got to create our own teeth out of playdough. We continued to look at teeth and how different liquids can rot our teeth, we carried out an experiment using egg shells and measured over time how these liquids would rot our teeth if we did not brush our teeth. We moved onto the digestive system and spoke about the different parts and how they function in our body, we even got to place the functions onto a skeleton because he lost his body parts! To end our science topic we were able to create our own digestive system out of everyday materials to see how the body functions and digests our food. We thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and we think Mr Haylock did too as one of our digestive systems exploded all over him, whoops!

In our other topics we have been looking at the Anglo-Saxons in History where we got to use our Art skills and create our name out of Runes. We got to combine History and Drama together by having a debate whether the Anglo-Saxons should stay or go. In RE we have been looking at 'Christianity' and peoples beliefs. 

We also had a week where we were learning all about' Black History' and how it changed the world and the way we think today. We were able to carry out research on a chosen person and create our own fact file before using our art skills and create a portrait of them. To end the week we watched the film ' Hidden figures' where we were inspired to always follow our dreams and never give up.

We had a great first term in Fir Class!

Autumn 2 

In English we started by looking at WW1 poetry and writing about a 'Lone Soldier' using a photograph as a starting point, we continued to look at WW1 and how we celebrate the World Wars on 'Remembrance Day'. We moved onto our new text 'Varmints' a story about nurturing and new beginnings, we read the book and compared it to what is happening in the environment around us. We have been retelling the story through drama and then writing in the first person. To end the book we created an explanation on The Life Cycle of a Plant as it linked to our Science topic and the ending of Varmints. Our last text for autumn 2 was 'Until I met Dudley' which is an explanation text that explores everyday items found round the home. We wrote a letter to Dudley asking how a vacuum cleaner worked as we thought there was an elephant inside! We then created our own explanation texts in the style of 'Until I met Dudley' about bagpipes, an aeroplane and how do stars shine.

In Maths we continued learning how to tell the time from last term and looked at how the 5 times tables can help us. We moved on to learn about analysing data through bar charts, pictograms and line graphs. Lastly, we moved onto multiplying whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

In Science this term we started by looking at our new topic ' Animals and their Habitats' looking at the different climates that animals live in and what they need to survive. We decided to look into our local area and concentrate on Jubilee Woods in Petts Wood, we discussed the positives and negatives of having an adventure playground built in the conservation area and how this may cause issues for the wildlife there. We moved on to look at the World and how climate change is causing an issue on the environment, we carried out an experiment using ice cubes to show how the Earth is warming. 

In our other topics this term we are looking at the Geography element of Anglo-Saxons and how they travelled across to the UK using our map skills. We looked at where the Anglo-Saxons settled and how they influenced some of the names of areas that we know of today. We became estate agents to sell an Anglo-Saxon house, by describing the features of the house and the surrounding area. We continued to look at the rivers that the Anglo-Saxons would have used as a mode of transport to move people and goods around the UK. We even got to build an Anglo-Saxon house out of materials they would of used, we then used a watering can to see if it would withstand the weather. For Art this term we have been learning the skill 'Weaving' and how this is linked to our History/Geography topic where the Anglo-Saxons would weave their clothes and blankets.  This term in RE we have been looking at Sikhism and the importance of the religion and how items can be special to us. 

For our last week in school we enjoyed many Christmas activities and we even got to record our own Christmas song!

We have enjoyed our second term at School and cannot wait for the next term.

Spring 1 - Home learning

Spring term started differently as we went back into Lockdown, but we didn't let it stop our learning as we moved all our learning online. We meet with our teachers 3 times a day where our work is explained and we get to ask any questions that we may be struggling with. 

In English we started to look at 'Dragons' for our first topic where we discovered that a Dragon had left an egg in the school grounds. We then created a set of instructions on 'How to trap a Dragon' and what equipment we would need to do this. We then moved on to look at appearances of different dragons and how this differs throughout stories. We broke down our plan to help create our story and create a setting description for where our Dragon would live. We then moved onto our next text ' Odd and the Frost Giants' where a young boy travels and meets 3 animals who are disguised as Viking Gods who take him to meet the Frost Giants. We have listened to the story and gathered information on what has happened throughout the story and answered questions. We were able to write a letter to Odd's mother explaining the reasons for leaving, then we wrote a set of instructions on 'How to build a rainbow bridge'. We were given the opportunity to write a letter to our future self and where we hope to be in the next 20 years and see if we have achieved the goals that we had set. Lastly, we got to go on a virtual school trip to tour a Viking centre which we thoroughly enjoyed.

In Maths we started by looking at 3d shapes and their properties, before recapping addition and subtraction and how we can use it when using money. We moved on to look at negative numbers and how they can be ordered on a number line. Lastly, we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 before moving onto recapping the grid method for multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. 

In Science we have been learning about 'States of Matter' and how materials can change state between, solids, liquids and gases. We have carried out numerous experiments to test the changing of states. An example of this is melting a solid block of chocolate into a liquid and pouring it other some cornflakes and then allowing it to turn back into a solid. We have enjoyed our experiments as we get to see how the materials change states right in front of us. 

In our other topics this term we have started looking at the Vikings in History and how they created an impact in the UK's history. We have explored the timeline of when the Vikings invaded England and what happened whilst they were here. We moved on to explore why the Vikings were so successful when invading before we looked at the Vikings beliefs and how they believed in many Gods, which we linked to our English book 'Odd and the Frost Giants'. We have been going to online music sessions with our new music teacher where we have been having lots of fun and learning about new instruments.

We have been fortunate enough to have taken part in Children's Mental Health Week where we carried out a different activity each day and sent photos of what we did through Class Dojo. Then we were given a 'No screens day' where we took a day away from the computers and did other activities such as bake a cake, jump in muddy puddles and go for a long walk with families. 

We have enjoyed our time at home, but miss our friends and teachers. We cannot wait to return to school and get back to learning in the classroom.