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Class News

Autumn 2 
Week 1 - 02/11/20

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful half term. 

This term is all about Space! In English we have begun to look at our core text Hidden Figures a true story of the contributions of 4 incredible women and the space race. In maths, we have learnt about fractions, we have learnt to convert between improper and mixed fractions and have begun to find fractions of amounts. In Science, we explored statements and used our existing knowledge of space to sort them into true or false. We were able to articulate our reasons for deciding our choices.  In Music, lessons have moved virtually but that has not stopped us continuing on our journey of mastering the violin!  


Week 8 - 19/10/20

This week in English we used a haunted house stimulus to generate some wonderful vocabulary. We have then used this to help us write up our scary stories based on picture. In Maths we have used our knowledge of addition and subtraction and applied this to decimal numbers and word problems involving decimals. In Art we have put together our term's learning and created our wonderful watercolour pieces based on our original text the Lost Words. We look forward to our Pumpkin Trail on Friday and to all the different wonderful hair styles that will be coming in!

We really hope you had enjoyed your first half term back at Poverest. Enjoy the well deserved break and we look forward to seeing you again in Autumn 2! Happy Half Term.  

Week 7 - 12/10/20

We have had a small project for English this week. Our task has been to plan, design and build (a small scale model) of a hedgehog house. We thought about the properties it would need and specific design features we would need to create, in order for the hedgehogs to feel safe. 

We have started to look at place value of numbers containing 2 decimal places (e.g. 3.52) and we have compared and ordered these numbers using number lines. 

In Computing, we have created a comic strip all about how to keep safe online. 

In our Topic lesson this week, we have discussed Black History Month (BHM) and the importance of the celebration. We read all about the history of BHM during our reading sessions and we looked at some fantastic magazines. Within one of the magazines, we found a blank map of Africa, and we all used an atlas to fill in all the missing countries onto the map. 

This week has been full of exciting activities and we look forward to finding out more next week!

Week 6 - 05/10/20

What an exciting week this has been!

This week in Elm class we have continued looking at persuasive writing and we have taken our skills to the next level. At the beginning of the week, we looked at some for and against arguments for wearing school uniform and formed our own opinions on the subject. Towards the end of the week, we designed our own school uniform and we used commas to list all the items of uniform that the parents would need to purchase (if they were to join our made up schools).

In Maths this week, we have challenged ourselves with a new method for subtracting. We used the 'frog jump' method to subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers.

We have also really enjoyed learning how to say 'goodbye' (in different ways) in Spanish, taking a torch apart in Science to see what the circuit looks like inside and our favourite task of all was making Stonehenge out of Bourbon biscuits for Topic.

We are so excited to find out what we will be learning next week!

Week 5 - 28/09/20

Another fantastic week in Elm class this week!
In English we have been writing our own persuasive letters to people in our local community, to persuade them to encourage hedgehogs into their gardens and outdoor spaces. We have conducted our own research about hedgehogs and created our own persuasive points and opinions using what we have found out.
In Maths we have needs focusing on subtraction using the column method, and we have also been looking at solving problems.

We have looked at conductors and insulators in Science this week and conducted our own experiments using different materials. 

We have been working very hard this week and some of us have managed to earn our pen licenses!

Week 4 - 21/09/20

This week, we have been learning how to argue and debate our personal opinions effectively. As a starting point, we were introduced to a new book called 'The Steves' which was very funny and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We read the book and analysed how they argued well, and we also discussed things they could have done better. Later on in the week, we had a think about what we would like to 'ban' within the school and wrote persuasive pieces to argue our reasons why. 

In Maths, we have continued to look at adding 5 and 6-digit numbers and we have refreshed our minds on how we can add them together using the written column method. 

In Topic, we have been introduced to Stonehenge and we created a research project (as a small group) to gather as much information as we could about it. We have continued to look at electricity this week in Science, and we have moved on to create our own electric circuits. In our Art lesson this week, we had the opportunity to create their own tonal ladders using water colour paints (which will be used for future lessons) to practice blending the pigments with water, to make objects look 3D. We have mastered how to greet each other in Spanish (and we have been practising during the register every day). As always, we have been enjoying our music and PE lessons with our specialist teachers, and we are looking forward to seeing what our next lessons have to offer.

Week 3 - 14/09/20

This week, the children have continued with the book "The Lost Words", we have read and analysed some more poems from the book. We then used these, alongside our research of birds to create our own poems. In Maths we have looked at addition, subtraction and rounding of 6 digit numbers. We have continued our journey or observational drawings in Art and look forward to using our watercolours. In Science we have made posters warning of the dangers of electricity in the home. We are now able to greet each other and introduce ourselves in Spanish! We began our music lessons with BYMT and look forward to mastering the violin by the end of the year. 

Week 2 - 07/09/20

This week, the children have looked at the beautifully illustrated book "The Lost Words". We have focused on the poem Conker and rearranged it as a script for our performance. We have been thinking carefully about our characters and their gestures during our performances. In Maths we have focused on Place Value of 5 digit numbers. We have used our learning to order, compare and round numbers. We have also enjoyed our first session of P.E and Spanish this week and look forward to many more.   

Autumn 1
Week 1 - 02/09/20

We have been extremely excited to welcome everyone back to school. This week, we spent time catching up with each other and getting accustomed to our new norm and we're pleased to say that the class have settled really well. 

We have looked at two beautifully illustrated books by Eva Eland - When Sadness Comes to Call and Where Happiness Begins, giving the children plenty of opportunity to discuss their thoughts, feelings and opinions as they have made their transition back into school life.