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Class News

14th December

In our last week we have gone back to learning at home! We have made sure to stay in contact over Google Meet and have started to read 'The Christmasaurus' together. We have done lots of fun Christmas activities such as Christmas joke code breakers in Maths, Writing letters to Father Christmas, making paper chains of kindness and watching the panto! We finished off the end of term with a fun Christmas quiz to get us in the festive spirit! We can't wait to return to school in January for a post Christmas party!

7th December

This week we have started to look at different types of sentences - questions, commands an statements. We use these types of questions to write a letter to the children of Poverest about crying good quality tears to help the Tear Thief restore the moon's glow. We have been continuing to work on division and multiplication with Mr Greenwood and have learnt to measure the weight of objects in our Maths lesson with Miss Otieno. We received a letter from the tribal queen Boudicca asking for us to join her in her war against the Romans and we had a class debate thinking about the reasons we should or shouldn't go to war! 


30th November

This week we found magic gems in our trays and discussed what emotions they might link to. These gems came from the Tear Thief, the star of our new class book. We learnt that she collects tears as they make the moon shine bright. We also learnt about similes and metaphors and used these to describe the Tear Thief in a poem. In Maths we are looking at factor families with Mr Greenwood and have learnt to measure the length of an object in metres, centimetres and millimetres! In Science we learnt what the two ends of a magnet are called and experimented with what happens when you put the opposite and same poles together. 


23rd November

On Wednesday it was 'No Pens Wednesday' so we couldn't use pens at all! We went outside to play golf with Mr Duffin which was lots of fun! Mr Greenwood showed us some amazing Maths games on the chromebooks. During our English lessons this week we have been writing newspaper reports about the explosion of Mount Vesuvius which destroyed the city of Pompeii. As we couldn't continue to write them we were given a different headline in pairs and prepared a verbal news report about what we think the headline is about! We had so much fun and it really made us laugh! On Friday during Maths we learnt to find the difference on a number line in order to help us find out the change from £1.


16th November

Birch class had a lot of fun this week participating in the Indian Dance Workshop to celebrate Diwali! We also re starting to review our 3 times table with Mr Greenwood and are learning to count in 3s with the help of tapping our hands on the table. During our literacy lessons we are trainee journalists who are preparing to write a newspaper report on the eruption of Pompeii. To start with we have dissected the features of a newspaper and have gathered quotes from eye witnesses of the eruption to use in our articles! In Science we have learnt about magnets and how they can attract certain materials, we did this by conducting an experiment to find out which classroom objects will be attracted to magnets through sand.

9th November

This week was our Artsmark celebration week which is based around wellbeing, we took part by designing our own wellbeing bubbles and had a free writing session about being creative. Birch class continue to focus on our wellbeing and having a positive outlook on life through our weekly affirmations and Mindfulness Mondays where we have a chance to unwind through relaxation stories.This week in Literacy we have looked at using the apostrophe for possession and writing descriptive sentences. In Maths we have just finished column subtraction and did a little quiz with Mr Greenwood to see how well we remember the rule for when you swap down.

2nd November

To celebrate Fireworks Night we spent 3 afternoons preparing to create a firework picture. This took a long time because we had to create our own scratch paper! We used crayons to colour in a piece of paper then painted over it with acrylic paint. When it dried we carefully scratched the paint off using needles to make our own fireworks! During Science we learnt about friction and set up an experiment on how different surfaces have different amounts of friction by pushing toy trains down ramps onto different materials and measuring how far they travelled before they stopped. We also learnt about gladiators from Roman times and how archeologists are able to find this information out through digs. We looked at different pictures of Roman artefacts and made inferences  on what we think they would be used for and why.

19th October

This week we started a new story 'Escape from Pompeii', we wrote descriptive sentences using noun phrases and prepositions. In Maths with Mr Greenwood we have started to look at using the column method to subtract and what to do when you don't have enough. In History we looked at how the Romans managed to invade so many places with their armies and designed our own Roman shields which we then painted onto large card! To finish off our first half term in year 3 we painted portraits of ourselves as halloween monsters! 

12th October 

Birch class became authors this week and wrote their own Heart in the Bottle stories! We tried to remember to use everything we have learnt over the last few weeks and worked incredibly hard! In Maths we are becoming superstars at using column addition to add 2 and 3-digit numbers! To celebrate Black History Month we learnt about the incredible ophthalmologist Patricia Bath who created a laser that would cure people's cataracts, helping those who had lost their vision many years prior to see again. We also learnt about Ruby Bridges who was one of the first African American children to go to an all-white school and the hardship she faced. We wrote letters to a 6-year old Ruby and invited her to be our friend.

5th October

During this week Birch class have continues to enjoy the story 'The Heart in the Bottle'. We learnt about how to turn adjectives into an abstract nouns by using the -ness suffix and created titles for our own Heart in the Bottle story.  Mr Greenwood has continued to teach us 'Mathemagics' and we have explored using interactive resources. In our Science lesson we learnt about the skeletal structure of other animals and got to explore animal skulls! We measured them and compared their size and shape.  Also, a magical fairy came to visit us and took us on an adventure through the fairy tale forest to find the happy ever after book!

28th September 

This week Birch class have been learning all about emotions and finding different synonyms for frequently used words such as 'happy', 'sad' or 'angry'. Also, a chair mysteriously appeared in our classroom and we made inferences on whose chair it could be! We have started adding 2-digit numbers with Mr Greenwood and in Science we have learnt to identify some of the bones in our body! 

21st September

Birch class have had a very busy week with our assessment week! We worked really hard on all of our assessments and made sure to do the best we could! Whilst it was a full on week we always made sure to have a bit of fun during play time, story time and even had some golden time!

14th September

This week we continued with our Lost Words book, readying ourselves for writing a poem by researching a bird on our Chromebooks and writing a fact file. We then used these fact files to create our own poems about our chosen birds! To go with our poems we explored the different types of shading we could used and spent a long time drawing out our own birds to go along with our poem. In Maths with Mr Greenwood we worked on placing numbers on a number line to 100 and ordering 2-digit numbers. 

7th September

This week we started our whole class book, The Lost Words, a book all about nature which describes different animals and plants through poetry and art. As a class we focussed on the birds in the book. We discussed how to use adjectives to describe to help with writing our own poems. We then went out to our forest school area and went bird watching! It was lots of fun! We also enjoyed working with Mr Greenwood in Maths this week. 

2nd September

Today we started our first week in year 3! We had lots of fun seeing our friends again, getting to know each other and having a new classroom! We had fun outside playing socially distanced games and learning to log into our very own Chromebooks!