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Class News


Autumn 1, Week 1 

The children have been brilliant and settled into the new school routines! We have spent some time getting used to being Juniors by being more independent and understanding the expectations. We are all looking forward to new learning in our new class!

Week 2

We have come to the end of our first week and we have been very busy! We started our 'Lost Words' project and have been researching different birds. We did some bird watching (see photos) and have been researching facts using the internet to make a fact file. We began our topic of 'The Romans' and discovered the legend of how Rome was founded. In Maths, we began the week by looking at multiples of number and fractions. In RE, we have been looking at different religions and beliefs and we will continue to cover this for the next few weeks. In Science, we have begun exploring the topic of Animals including humans. All the children have logged onto chromebooks and have been using them in their learning.

Week 3

We have been busy this week. As part of our topic of 'Romans', we made mosaics! In Maths , we are continuing to learn about place value and ordering number. In Science, we were looking at nutrition and healthy meals. The children designed their own meal using the 'Eatwell Guide' to help them. We completed our project of 'Lost Words; by writing poetry and drawing our birds. Our spellings this week are the words with the ze/ sound but end with the spelling -sure. In R.E, we have explored different beliefs and started to look at the many ways that weddings are conducted and the different rituals that are involved.

Week 4

This week the focus has been on assessment. The children have completed Maths, Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling and Grammar and punctuation assessments. They have continued to learn how to play the violin and how to play strategically in team games. In Science, we were learning that animals require different food to survive. In History/Geography, we were learning to locate the expansion of the Roman Empire and compare the names of the countries now and then, for example Gaul became France and Belgica became Belgium.

Week 5

We are reading a class book called 'The Heart in a bottle'. We are using it to provide a focus for our Literacy lessons. We have learnt prefixes, -ous words, synonyms and expressed opinions about the book. In Maths, we are learning about place value and column addition. In RE, we explored how different religions celebrate weddings and a common feature that some religions shared were the use of rings - so we made our own! In Music, the violin bow was introduced. In Science, we studied the human skeleton. We discussed its purpose and named many of the bones.

Week 6

In Literacy this week, we have been describing a known character's thoughts, feelings and emotions. We have retold the story, sequenced words using adverbs and adverbials and extending our sentences using conjunctions. We finished the week by looking at the suffix-ness E.g hopeless. In Maths, we have cotinued to focus on place value and using our knowledge of number bonds to help us with our addition. We had a visitor in the school who came to tell us a story and dramatised some of the characters from traditional stories. In Science, we were learning that animals have different skeletons from humans. In RE, we were identifying the different Hindu gods and goddesses and exploring what they represent.

Week 7 

In Literacy, we have converted adjectives into adverbs using the suffix -ly, created multi-clause sentences using conjunctions, planned a story involving a dilemma and  looked at how verbs can change tense to describe past, present and future.  In Maths , we have continued to consolidate our understanding of place value. We began our learning in Black History Month by finding out more about Patricia Bath. She is classed as a super scientist because she invented 'The Laserphaco Probe' which helped people who had been blind for over thirty years to see again. We began by listening to her life story and then researched 'cataracts', using our chromebooks. Next week, we are going quiz her life and discoveries. In R.E, we continued to learn about Hinduism and in a particular form of worship called puja. We began some learning in french by reciting the numbers to 10 and responding to simple addition sums given in french and answering the sum in french - fantastique!

Week 8 

This week, as part of Black History Month, we tried to imagine what it might be like to be blind or visually impaired. We used eye masks to help our imaginations. We then completed a quiz about Patricia Bath using our Google classroom. In Maths, we have been exploring addition and subtraction and the inverse of these operations. In literacy, we have been learning to convert adjectives into adverbs using the suffix -ly and creating captions using varying intensities of verbs. In History, we have learnt about what sort of homes Celtic people lived in and drafted an information leaflet, we studied and designed our own version of a Roman shield based on historical evidence. We then made our own shield!