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5 Sentence Challenge Winners!

Every two weeks, we complete the 5 sentence challenge. Please see our winners from each week below!

Scarlett - Cracked Cream Egg

'Someone dropped their chocolate egg on the floor. When it hit the hard floor it broke. The creamy inside dribbled out. The three people are trying to clear it up. They cannot because it is too big.'

Phoebe - Giraffe on a Tightrope

He is high in the blue sky. The giraffe is very brave and he is higher than the buildings. He is nearly touching the clouds, he is very high. The giraffe might be scared. The girafe might like to walk to the end of the tightrope. 

Jake - Space

The sun is very bright and the stars are bright too. There is the moon. The sun reflects the moon and there is brightness on the Earth. It is very dark. What does the sun look like when it is close up?