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Sir Bob Neill MP and Jared Nehra, Bromley’s Director of Education​​​​​​​, visit Poverest to see 'Best Practice' in Action

It was with great pride that Poverest Primary School welcomed Sir Bob Neill, MP, and Jared Nehra, Bromley’s Director of Education to visit the school on the morning of 2nd July. They came to see the school ‘in action’ and to discuss how the school had so successfully catered for the learning needs of the different groups of children.

Poverest has been open throughout Lockdown. Staff were keen to show their appreciation of the Keyworkers in our area by looking after their children as well as welcoming children from Edgebury Primary School too.

The school had a very detailed Risk Assessment in place that everyone followed and Mrs. Weeks, Head Teacher, felt this had enabled everyone in school to stay safe. Staff had worked closely with their governors for collective planning; adjusting this when government advice should change.

Mrs. Weeks was keen to share the fantastic work that all staff had played in making the school run successfully. She also spoke of the support she had received from the Local Authority, who were quick to provide the school with PPE.

Because of the confidence throughout the school, with the use of technology, the teachers were able to respond daily to on-line learning for all the children who were unable to return to school.

1st June saw the return of Reception, Year One and Year Six pupils to school. Children from the ASD Provision gradually returned and Mrs. Mills, Assistant Head teacher, stated how very proud she was of these children because change was more difficult for them and they coped admirably.  Mrs. Wilson, Deputy Headteacher, said “Everyone was delighted to have our school buzzing with children again.” As soon as flexibility was allowed to Head teachers, Mrs. Weeks was delighted to welcome back Year Five pupils. On 2nd July the school had 172 pupils in, this included children from Tiddlywinks, the nursery adjoined to them.

Mr. Haylock, Deputy Headteacher, spoke of the school’s pride at the children learning at home and their parents who were adapting to becoming teachers too!

Both Sir Bob Neill, MP and Jared Nehra, Bromley’s Director of Education were very impressed with what they heard and saw and thanked the school for all they were doing to support the learning for the Poverest community.