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Weekly News


Summer Term Week 1 - 17th April

The weather this week has been stunning - a great way to start back at for for Summer Term.  We started our new topic - the Romans.  We created a poster about what the children knew about the Romans and what they wanted to know.  Super efforts from Grace, Joshua, Connor, Summer and Freddie for their holiday homework about the Romans.  In Maths we looked at the grid method in multiplication and also doubling and halving 2 and 3 digit numbers.  Our new topic in Science is Forces and Magnets.  We conducted an investigation into how different materials effect the movement of an object.  We completed a reading comprehension activity about the London Marathon, which takes place this Sunday, and also began looking at how to create suspense in our stories.

Well done to Charlie for achieving star of the week.

 Spring Term Week 12 - 26th March

It's the last week of Spring term! This week, amongst Easter activities, Beech class wrote their own story that had to include speech while in Maths we revised a variety of concepts that we have been learning throughout the term.

Please don't forget we break up at 1.30pm on Thursday and return to school on Tuesday 17th April. 

 Spring Term Week 11 - 19th March

This week in English we have looked at using inverted commas in our writing.  We have practised turning coversations between people and animals into a written format and also wrote our own story that included lots of speech.  In maths we spent the week measuring and weighing a variety of objects while in Spanish we have been practising the days of the week. On Thursday in topic we looked at a variety of unusual fruits, including figs, kiwi fruit and papayas.  We sketched what they looked like and also wrote down some words to describe them - the texture, smell etc.  It was Celebration of Learning on Friday and Parent Teacher interviews during the week as well so parents had an opportunity to see what we have been up to. Congratulations to Henry for being the first person in Beech class to get onto the T -Team as part of our school wide TT Challenge number facts activity.

 Spring Term Week 10 - 12th March

This week was assessment week for Beech class, completing tests in Maths, Science and Literacy.  In RE we continued to look at Sikhism and studied one of the festivals in this religion.  We researched where particular foods come from and created a flow chart in Topic while we completed our Matchbox art project - come and take a look at our creations displayed in the school entrance.  English saw us start to put actions to our new extract from Sheep-Pig while in Maths we revised a variety of topics in readiness for our Maths test.



 Spring Term Week 8 and 9  - 5th March

After the disruption caused by the 'Beast from the East' in week 8 where the school was closed for 3 days due to snow and lack of power and heating, things got back on track in week 9.  On Friday we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a character of a book.  We wrote about this character and also had a whole school parade in the morning.  We also celebrated Holi by looking at what this religious occasion is all about and completing a comprehension activity.  It was also International Women's Day on Wednesday and as such we researched a famous woman. In English we completed our topic on non-chronilogical reports, writing our own report about an animal. Maths saw us do a lot of work on fractions, including how to find a fraction of an amount, put a fraction on a number line and write fractions in ascending and descending order.  Finally, in science we looked at the different parts of a flower and how pollination and fertilisation works while in PE we continued to practise skills to play dodgeball.

Well done to Ruby N for achieving star of the week.

Spring Term Week 7 - 19th February

Another busy week in Beech class.  In English we started to look at non-chronological reports. We looked at the features of this type of non-fiction writing and started to research facts about our own animal.  In PE we began practising skills to play dodgeball with Mr Duffin while in science we set up a bean seed experiment as we want to observe and record how a bean seed germinates.  We also looked at the life cycle of a flowering plant and took a quick look at the main parts of a flower.  Maths saw us look at division and how we get remainders.  We also worked on 2 step word problems whereby we had to find what change we would get after buying 2 things from a shop.  Unfortunately our planned trip to Kew Gardens had to be postponed and will now take place on Friday April 27th.  Next Friday is World book Day so please come to school dressed as your favourite book character.

Well done to Ruby W for achieving star of the week.



 Spring Term  Week 6 - 5th February

The final week of Spring Term 1 saw Beech class go on their third school trip - this time to Wagamama restaurant in Bromley.  The class were taken on a behind the scenes tour of what goes on in a restaurant.  They were split into groups of ten and looked at food and drink preparation along with how orders are placed.  We then enjoyed a delicious lunch, using our child friendly chopsticks instead of the usual cutlery.  In maths we looked at pictograms and how to interpret these while in English we made up our own poems based on one that we looked at called 'The Door'.  We looked at the continents of the world and had to name each one of these while in Topic we created an advertisement for our made up restaurant. Mrs Wheller and I would like to wish everyone a great half term break and look forward to seing everyone again on Monday 19th February.

Well done to Kiera for achieving star of the week.


 Spring Term Week 5 - 29th January

Another week has passed by - another busy week for Beech class.  This week has been Multicultural week.  Each afternoon the class went to other key stage 2 classes to learn about the various continents.  They learnt about Australia in Fir class and created a koala; Asia and Chinese New Year with Mrs Gayle in Year 5 and South America in Oak class.  Finally, on Friday in pairs we researched a European country and created a poster while that afternoon we learnt about the continent of Africa and created a flag collage.  On Tuesday we had lots of fun learning two Bollywood dances.  This week has also been Assessment week.  We did another Star reading test while on Friday we did our half termly Maths test.  Mrs Wheller has created a terrific Tower of London display in the stair well leading up to the classroom - please come up and take a look.  A reminder that we have our school trip to Wagamama in Bromley on Wednesday.  Students will need to be in school uniform and will need to be in school by 8:30am at the latest as our session at Wagamama begins at 9:15am.

Well done to Freddie for achieving star of the week.

 Spring Term Week 4 - 22nd January

It has been another busy week in Beech class. In science we have continued to investigate plants, looking at trying to prove what conditions are needed for plants to grow as well as whether the stem does in fact transport nutrients around to other parts of the plant.  In English we have been writing our portal stories after having studied an extract from Narnia.  We had to describe going into various scenes and also completed our hot task.  Maths has seen us look at various degrees of turns, and revise how to find fractions of amounts.  On Friday it was Australia Day and so we read a text about what this special day (to Australians at least) is all about.  We also did some research into Kyle Edmunds, the tennis player who reached the semi finals of the Australian Open while in guided reading we studied a text about Roald Dahl and did some dictionary, thesauraus and atlas work from this text.  Finally, we got the paints out on Monday and painted the Tower of London.  Next week it is both Multi-Cultural Week and Assessment Week.

Well done to Grace for achieving star of the week.

Spring Term Week 3 - 15th January

The highlight of the week was no doubt our trip to the Tower of London.  Despite the cold weather, all of the children and adults had an enjoyable day out learning a lot about this most famous landmark. In Maths we looked at how to convert 12 hour time into 24 hour time, how to convert various time periods and also created our own bar graphs to show how we enjoyed the various events on our school trip to the Tower of London. English saw us write our own portal story, concentrating on fronted adverbials, adjectives and speech.  

Well done to Poppie for achieving star of the week.

 Spring Term Week 2 - 8th January

This week in ICT we continued to learn about Microsoft Word, looking at how we can insert a table into a document.  We combined this with some dictionary work whereby we had to find certain words and put in the table what page they were on.  In Maths we looked at different types of lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular) along with how to find the perimeter of 2D shapes.  English has seen us learn about adverbs and learning to memorise our Narnia extract by adding actions. In Science we looked at the four main parts of a plant (flower, stem, leaf and roots) and the jobs they have. A reminder that next Wednesday we have our trip to the Tower of London.

Well done to Shaurya for achieving star of the week.

 Spring Term Week 1 - 3rd January

Welcome back to a new term.  Even though it has ben a short week, Beech class have still been very busy.  In English we wrote about our Christmas holiday and are in the process of typing these up using Microsoft Word.  We started our new topic in Science as well - plants - by listing the things that we know about plants and what we want to find out.  We also completed our plant title page in our Science book.  In RE this term we will be studying Sikhism.  This week we looked at the story of Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism) and sequenced a story about his life.  In Maths we learnt about Roman Numerals (I, V, X, L and C) and also did more work on telling the time.

Well done to Joshua for achieving star of the week.

 Week 15 - 18th December

We only have one and a half days this week  so we are fitting in class Christmas parties and carol singing at the church on Monday while on Tuesday there is a treat for the children being put on by all staff. There is also a special Christmas dinner before breaking up at 1:30pm for the two week holiday. A reminder that we return to school on Wednesday 3rd January. Mrs Wheller and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year. 

Week 14- 11th December

This week we went to the Life Bus where we learnt about the brain and looked at different parts of the body and their functions. We also had fun listening to Harold the giraffe singing songs about friendships!  In literacy we have continued looking at balancd arguments and using specific conjuctions. We boxed up our class writing which was about whether children should have unlimited access to computers after school. We also completed a variety of Christmas art activities and decorated the classroom with paper chains.

Week 13- 4th December

This week in maths we have been learning written methods for addition and revising the frog method when solving subtraction problems. We have started looking at a balanced argument in English and whether dogs should be kept on leads in parks. We have been really lucky to have taken part in a K'Nex workshop to help us develop our science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills. As it is getting very close to Christmas, we have started to decorate our room with paper chains and made our own Christmas cards.

 Week 12 - 27th November

In science this week we looked at sun safety and designed either a pair of sunglasses or a hat to protect ourselves from the sun.  We practiced christmas songs during our violin lessons while in English we wrote our hot task describing a particular setting.  In maths we continued looking at fractions and revised what we have learnt so far in readiness for our maths test as this week has been assessment week.

Well done to Delilah for achieving star of the week.

Week 11 - 20th November 

Another busy week for Beech class.  We continue to look at earthquakes for our topic work - this week we looked at what we should do in the event of an earthquake and created a poster to show other people.  We looked at fractions in maths while in English we wrote our class story based on our Ice Cat extract.  Sun safety was the theme in Science; we looked at why the sun can be very dangerous to us and created either a pair of sunglasses or a hat to protect ourselves from the sun.  In PE the children have ben doing gymnastics and are having a lot of fun participating in this with Mr Duffin.  We also have been learning basic introductions in Spanish and are slowly becoming more confident.

Well done to Lucia for achieving star of the week.

Week 10 - 13th November 

This week we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and using this knowledge to estimate an answer. In Literacy we have been boxing up our class story and we have decided to write about a boy called Chase who holidays every summer near a beautiful lake.  This week has been anti-bullying week so we have had an assembly, visitors in to discuss what bullying is, workshops run in class and the opportunity to make our own anti-bullying poster.  In computing we have been having a go at progressing through the coding program (2code) on Purple mash, which the children have really enjoyed.  We also looked at the Haiti earthquake that occured in 2011 and discussed the impact and responses earthquakes have on us.

Well done to Jamie for acheiving star of the week.

Week 9 - 6th November 

This week in maths we have been learning how to use the frog method to help subtract mentally and also the best strategies to add 2 and 3 digit numbers. In Literacy, we have been writing our own setting description by describing the five senses we experience when at the beach. Our target this week has been to include adverbs in our descriptions. We looked at the colours you can see in bubbles in science and did an experiment in our light topic.  The children certainly enjoyed creating their own bubbles!   Our topic work for this half term is earthquakes.  We have been researching the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch using books, iPads, QR codes, fact sheets and we created our own fact files.

Well done to Lucas and Joshua for acheiving stars of the week.

Week 8 - 30th October

We have had a great first week back after half term! We have started our topic on earthquakes; learning about why earthquakes happen and tectonic plate boundaries. We have also started reading our new class book (The Ice Cat) and we have been creating our own story maps while acting out the story. We explored the front cover and the blurb of our book to predict what the story might be about. In maths we have been looking at number patterns and how number bonds can help us to work out addition and subtraction number problems.  Also, in Art we have made our own colour wheels and experimenting how to mix primary colours to create new colours.

Week 7 - 16th October

The last week before half term has been quite busy. This week was Maths Week and as a result Beech class have been involved in a variety of maths related activities.  On Monday we combined PE and Maths.  In groups of 6, children had to run out and get a tennis ball that had a particular number on it which matched a certain number fact. The children really enjoyed these games.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we played a variety of card and board maths games while on Thursday we had to come up with a 'What Number am I' riddle. In English, we also completed our unit on instructional writing and had to write a set of instructions that included headings, 'bossy' verbs and time connectives. 

Week 6 - 9th October

It is Black History Month this month and as such Beech clas have been researching a famous person of colour (past or present) and then creating a 'Who am I?' riddle.  Take a look at these on the wall as you enter the school.  We have also been learning about the function of the skeleton and some of the major bones that make up our skeleton such as the femur and skull while in maths we have been continuing to practice our X2, X3, X4 and X5 number facts using our number facts challenge sheets 3 days a week.  

Week 5 - 2nd October

This week we have boxed up and written our own stories in Literacy and have been looking at 3D shapes in maths. We had a fantastic day learning about dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum where we took part in an excellent workshop and had the chance to look around the dinosaur section of the museum.  Thanks to the parents who came along and helped.

Week 4 - 25th September

This week we have been writing our own class story based on the Matilda story where the evil Queen of Spades stole some diamonds from the palace and made poor Alic clean her huge room! In maths we have started looking at properties of 2D shapes such as pentagons, hexagons, octagons and even heptagons (7 sided shapes). 

Week 3 - 18th September

This week we have been looking at synonyms to improve our character description in Literacy. We have been looking at time again in maths this week while in science we have become personal trainers and analysed a diet from a person called Joe.  We have also looked at when dinosaurs existed and created our own historical timelines.

Week 2 - 11th September

This week we have been learning an extract from Matilda and are focusing on character description using adjectives and similes. In maths we have been learning about telling the time and also place value. We have started our topic on Hinduism in RE and have had some fun PE lessons playing invasion games. We have also started our Science topic about animals where we looked at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores!

Week 1 - 4th September 

Welcome to year 3! We have had a busy first week in Beech class. In literacy, we have been writing letters to our Pen Pals in Hong Kong (which will hopefully be sent off next week) and we have also been thinking about what it might be like to live in Hong Kong. In maths, we have been recapping our times tables and practising to tell the time. Also, we have been using the iPads to research Australian animals!